Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TV Review: Reign: For King and Country(1.09)

                                          Reign: For King and Country(1.09)Review
  • I liked that when this episode started it was mentioned that Mary and Bash had been on the run for a week now.
  • I liked that Francis remained determined to find and marry Mary because despite everything that he thinks she has done he still loves her.
  • I liked that Mary told Bash about the prophecy and that Bash told Mary of his mother's plans to legitimize him and that she also knew that he never wanted to be king.
  • I liked that Bash was ready to let the guards cut off his fingers but Mary spoke up and agreed to return to French court in order to save him.
  • I liked that Francis was willing to hear Mary out because he knew that she was just giving him excuses with saying she didn't trust him to put her first because he would die for her and will never stop fighting for them no matter how many people stand against.
  • I like that when Mary told Francis that Aylee dying made her not want to marry him that Francis pointed out that, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  • I liked that Mary said no to going along with Henry's story and I liked that Catherine pointed out that Mary wasn't just some girl but a queen.
  • I thought it was really cruel that Henry said that if Mary didn't marry Francis that he would execute Bash.
  • I liked that Mary spent the episode trying to find a way to keep both Francis and Bash alive because neither of their deaths were okay in her eyes.
  • I liked that Mary decided to tell Francis the truth about why she left and that Francis did his best to convince her that the prophecy wouldn't come to past and that the two of them could still be together. But since Mary truly believed the prophecy she could not be swayed.
  • I liked that Mary found a way to keep both Francis and Bash alive and agree to Henry's terms by marrying Bash.
  • I liked that Mary pointed out to Catherine that she already sacrificed the man she loved because of the prophecy so Catherine should be willing to sacrifice her crown to save Francis.
  • I liked that Kenna told the other girls she suspected that the Aylee was poisoned and that the poison was meant for her.
  • I liked that Francis was angry with marry for deciding to marry Bash  and plot to take the crown from him all because of some prophecy. I also liked that Bash was angry with Mary for making plans for him to be king when she knows he doesn't want to be king.
  • I liked that Henry figured out Catherine's plans to kill Mary and Bash and ended up putting a stop to them.
  • I liked that Francis told Catherine that he would kill her if she killed anyone in the room so that he could be on the throne. I liked that Francis was clearly very upset with Mary and Bash and what they had done to him but he also doesn't seem to hate them either.
  • I liked that Catherine planned to leave at the end of the episode in order to save herself from being executed but Henry stopped her because he suspected that she would've found a way to ruin his plans if she had left.
  • I like that Bash at the end of the episode still doesn't like the idea of being king and really can't believe the events that had happened and I like that both Mary and Bash acknowledge that while they were trying to save Francis they ended up loosing him in the end.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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