Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones:The First of His Name(4.05)

I liked how Margery it seems has clearly has gotten Tommen to like her quite a bit since he was smiling over at her during his crowning ceremony and I like that when Cersei saw this she didn't actually get mad at Margery for it but instead asks her if she still has an interest in being queen. I liked how Margery pretends she's in mourning for Joffrey still and that she'd have to talk to her father about any further plans to marry Tommen. I liked Cersei conversation with Tywin and how she was so reasonable and calm in it which is something we don't see whole lot of from her and I was shocked to find out that the Lannisters are actually broke. I liked how Cersei talked with Oberyn about how she wishes that she could have saved her son and how even though they both of plenty of power they couldn't save their loved ones, I also liked how Cersei asked about Myrcella and I liked that Oberyn said she was happy in Dorne and I like Cersei want to believe that since she was a sweet little girl I hope that nothing bad is happening to her.

I like that Sansa made it to the Eyre and that she for a bit it seemed felt she was somewhere safe and since she was with her aunt she felt that she was with someone who cared for her. Although I'm sad that Sansa's relief didn't last long since her aunt Lysa kept creepily accusing her of having slept with Littlefinger until she cried and mentioned how Littlefinger is always call her a stupid little girl with stupid dreams. While I already knew that things weren't going to go smoothly for Sansa I hate seeing her always being put in this positions where she doesn't feel safe or like she can trust anyone although I would say she's at least a little bit safer in the Eyre I'm guessing than she would be in Kings landing.

I liked how Daenerys after hearing how the cities in which she had freed slaves from last season are now falling back into the slavers power that she feels like she should off trying to take over Westeros until she is able to gain control over those cities because if she can't even maintain control over three cities how is she suppose to rule seven kingdoms.

I liked what we saw of Bran's storyline, I find it interesting and concerning how Jojen was able to see handing burning and he said that he would know when the journey would be at it's end and I'm thinking that means that his burning hand showed him how long he has left although I'm unsure if there fire would be burning out or becoming bigger as his own death becomes closer. I also liked how Jojen told that one awful guy that took them captive that he saw him die that knight and laughed in his face about and then that did happen by the end of the episode. I also liked how Bran took over Hodor in order to get  himself out of harms way and free Jojen and Meera.

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