Monday, August 13, 2012

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 1: Best Book you read within the last year

I've always been interesting in doing the 30 challenges I see on Tumblr so I've decided to do the 30 Days of Books Challenge.
Day 1: Best Book you read within the last year: A Game of Thrones
A Game Thrones is an extremely well written epic fantasy series which has fantastic world building and character development. There are many point of view characters that all feel essential to the story even though some characters stories don't cross over with any of the other characters. There's a wide variety characters that are important to the story so there will be someone for everyone to love, my personal favorites are Daenerys, Sansa and Tyrion. The plot is intriguing and fast moving for a book of it's length. I also love that there's alot of  interesting back story of what happened twenty or so years ago because it's still revalent to many characters and the story even though it wouldn't have been included in most books. I find the writing style to be the perfect balance between informative, descriptive and emotional which is something I rarely see in books usually the author only hits two of the points well but George R.R. Martin hits all three perfectly.

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