Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 10 Book Couples that would make it in real life

1. Syaoron and Sakura(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle):There's just so much these two to go through before they got together that I believe that if they weren't meant for each other they would've given up on their relationship at some point but neither of them ever did they loved each other even when it seemed like it was impossible for them to be together. No matter what happen to separate these two they always found their way back to each other whether it be memory lose, loosing the ability to feel at all or even death nothing was able to keep them from loving each other. So I think in the real world were things would be much easier for them they'd defiantly end up together.
2.Kyo and Tohru(Fruits Basket): I just think these two are perfect for each other and I see no reason why they couldn't work out in the real world. i think that the two of them being friends for quite a while before they got together makes they're relationship realistic and I also liked how they seemed to have a good understanding of each other.Although my favorite thing about them is how they just loved to spend time with each other even if they were doing something as mundane as cooking a meal or running errands together.
3.Suzaku and Euphemia(Code Geass): I think these two would work out in real life because they worked out in the series for a while even though they had so many things against them being together.I think they worked out because they shared similar beliefs and believed that things could be changed for the better peacefully. But then they didn't work out because something very tragic happened but if that hadn't had happened they probably would've ended up together and since the tragic couldn't have happened in the real world they would work out in the real world.
4.Percy and Annabeth(Percy Jackson and the Olympians series/The Heroes of Olympus series): This two were friends for a long time before they got together so they know each other really well before they get together. I also think they would work out in real life because in The Lost Hero Annabeth does everything she can to find him and in The Son of Neptune Percy remembers her even though he can't remember pretty much anything else other than his name.
5.Ron and Hermione(Harry Potter series): I think there relationship would work out in real life because they were friends for so long so they clearly know and love each other for who they are and they do end up together.
6. Sakura and Syaoron(Cardcaptor Sakura): These two are just so sweet and adorable that I don't want to live in a world were they don't end up together. I think they would work out in real life because they started off as friends and were able to maintain a long distance relationship while they were in their last year of elementary school and first year or two of middle school.
7.Touya and Yukito(Cardcaptor Sakura):This is also a relationship which started off as friendship which I think is the best way to start off a relationship. I think these two would work out because they clearly care for each, they compliant each other very well. They always seemed to confide in each other and not keep secrets from each other which I think is a very good thing for any relationship. Also they the spend a lot time together so they clearly enjoy each other's company and there's also a lot of little things that I love about them as well that shows that they love each other.
8.Sam and Grace(Wolves of Mercy Falls series):While I think they way they met isn't exactly realistic and I think the connection they share isn't common I think they would still work out in real life. I think they would work out because the love and accept each other for who they are even though they're very different people but neither of them try to change who the other is. I think they would work out because while they are very important to each other they're not the only they care about, I'm not sure I explained myself well but I do think they could have worked out if they meet each other in the real world without any wolves being involved.
9.Tally and David(Uglies series): I think this relationship could have worked out because it was about how David loved Tally for who she was even she wasn't perfect and this taught Tally to both accept herself and to realize just because someone didn't get the pretty surgery doesn't mean they're not attractive. I think that their relationship had a good message in it and it seemed like the kind of relationship that should work out in real life.
10. Cammie and Josh(Gallagher Girls series): While I prefer Cammie/Zach over Cammie/Josh I feel that Cammie/Josh had a more realistic relationship with how he notice her when no one else did and how they went on actual dates together and did normal date things. I've always thought these two were really sweet together and I believe that if Cammie wasn't a spy or if Josh didn't get his memory wiped they would have been together a lot longer than they were.


  1. We have Ron and Hermione in common this week :-)
    Katja @ YA's the Word

  2. ahhh I didn't even think to use some manga examples! I think Syaoran and Sakura would definitely work out in the real world too. And I love that you included Percy and Annabeth! I love them! :)

  3. Awesome picks! Grace and Sam are perfect for each other, as are Ron & Hermione. :)