Friday, August 31, 2012

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 18: A Book that disappointed you

 Day 18: A Book that disappointed you: Anna and the French Kiss
It's not that the book is bad it's just nowhere near as good as everyone says it is. Before I read this book I heard this book was one of the best books out there, that it had one of the sweetest romances every and that the characters were completely lovable. But when I read this book I discover that the plot wasn't really anything special not that it was bad just it wasn't great. The relationship had sweet moments but my overall feeling about the relationship was that it was wrong since St.Clair had a girlfriend for 95% of the book. The characters were okay but not particularly memorable. Overall the book disappointed me because I heard way to much hype about the book so therefore I was expecting something amazing so I was disappointed that the book was only good.

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