Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 8 books that Deceived me

1. Fruits Basket: The covers are very simple which made me as well as many other people right this series off as boring because of it's forgettable cover but the story that lays under those covers is beautiful and unforgettable.
2 and 3. X and Xxxholic:I get why both of the series are titled the way they are but almost everyone who sees either of these series on my Christmas list right way assumes that it's erotic or a prono which they are not at all they haven't even had anyone kiss on the lips as of yet.
4. Uglies: I find the model on the cover of this book to look prettier then the ones on the second and third books of the series but this is probably just a personal preference thing.
5. Tricks: The description on the back of the book makes it seem like the stories are all going to interconnect at some point but sadly they don't really which makes me sad but the book was still great. Also the back cover says there would be only one gay character but I felt like there were two them being Seth and Ginger but that's a minor thing so it doesn't really bother me much.
6. Anna and the French Kiss: This title makes it seem like this book is going to be dirty but it's a totally sweet innocent love story.
7. The Summoning: While I personally love the cover I also find it to be deceiving because it makes it seem like the jewel will be really important to the story but it isn't that important and it's not described in as looking like the one on the cover.
8. Evermore: I found the description to be deceiving because it made it sound like this book would be about Ever learning how to control her new supernatural abilities with a little romance on the side instead the book was about Ever ignoring her abilities, high school drama and a ton of romance that ranged from creepy to boring, I'm not a fan of this book so I'm sorry if you find my description to be too mean.

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  1. Funny how often covers can make for a mistaken impression. Oh, and one of these days I've totally got to read Anna so I can understand why everyone loves it. :)

    Thanks for coming by my blog!