Friday, April 27, 2012

Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods

                                                The Cabin in the Woods Review
Cabin in the Woods is about a group of college students who go away to party at cabin in the woods for the weekend but then they are all killed off one by one. Although this plot line sounds just like a lot of other slasher films it's not for several reasons first off you actually care about the characters, my favorites were Marty and Dana. The second reason is because the movie explains why characters in horror movies make such dumb choices.

Spoilers will appear for next couple paragraphs. I really liked seeing everything that happened to the college students was engineered by this weird underground facility that was full of people who made sure that at least five of them will die and how they were all okay with the roles they played in their deaths.I found the workers to be pretty enjoyable to watch even though they were clearly fine with doing immoral things. I found it both interesting and sick that in a way the young people would choose which way they would die.

I like the whole idea of each group that is sent out is divide into six roles and that the workers insure that they'll fight their stereotypes. The characters and their categories are the whore: Julie who we actually doesn't seem like a whore because the only guy she ever got close to having sex with was her boyfriend. Then there's the athlete: Curt and the Scholar: Holden. Then there's the fool: Marty who ironically was the only one that wasn't completely fooled about what was happening to them and he actually was able to survive despite the workers plan and for a quite a while without their knowledge. Then last there is the virgin: Dana who isn't actually a virgin but they work with what their given.

I loved that Dana and Marty were able to find out what was going on in the end and although I found the ending really quite odd and I didn't completely understand it was still satisfying that there were at least some answers given. I also loved that all the monsters were released on the workers because it felt like karma for them all to die horribly, I was also shocked at how much blood there was towards the end but I loved that they were willing to make it so gory.

No more spoilers. I overall really enjoyed the film and I liked that it's different from everything else I have seen so far. Please tell me your thoughts on the movie.

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