Sunday, April 8, 2012

TV Review: Merlin:Lamia(4.08)

  • I liked that when Gaius suggests that Merlin has enough medical knowledge to go in his place that Merlin was unsure about being a suitable replacement and I was also mildly surprised that it seemed like Merlin knew what he was doing.
  • I found Lamia's ability to make men act differently around her and that she used their life force to survive to be very interesting.
  • I hated how the knights acted under Lamia's influence they were just so mean to Merlin and Gwen but especially Merlin.
  • I liked that Gwen and Merlin had to work things out together and try to make sure everyone survives because they were the only two who weren't affected by Lamia.
  • I liked that when the knights, Merlin and Gwen didn't return in two days that Arthur got worried and kept looking for them until he found them.
  • I liked that Merlin and Gwen looked out for each other when through out the episode and especially loved when attacked Lamia in order to save Merlin.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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