Sunday, April 8, 2012

TV Review: Merlin:The Secret Sharer(4.07)

                                              Merlin:The Secret Sharer(4.07)Review
  • I loved the scene were Merlin is getting Arthur up in the morning because it was funny and it shows how close these two have grown since there's no way Arthur would have been okay with being woken up this way in season 1.
  • I hated Agravaine's whole plot of making Gaius look like traitor and I hated that Arthur believed him even though Gaius has been in his life a lot longer than Agravaine has been.
  • I found the place were Morgana found the warrior priest to be quite interesting and I find it interesting that Morgana is a high priestess.
  • I felt very bad for both Gauis and Merlin after Gaius was kidnapped, Gaius for obvious reasons and Merlin because Arthur believed Agravaine's lies over Merlin's word, also felt that Colin Morgan's acting was especially good in that scene in the council chambers but I found his acting be excellent through out the whole episode as usual.
  • I liked that even though  Gaius's mind was being  manipulated by magic he still  tried so hard to prevent himself from revealing that Merlin is Emrys even though it harmed him not to tell.
  • I liked that Gwaine helped Merlin find out were Gaius was taken and that he went with Merlin to rescue Gaius.
  • I liked that when Gwaine found Agravaine over Gaius's body that he correctly assumes that Agravaine is the traitor and I liked that he didn't believe Agravaine's excuses right away but I hated that Agravaine was able to answer all Gwaine's questions in a way that makes his action and his presence seem make sense without him being the villain. But I did like that Agravaine's lies prevented him from killing Gaius or having Gaius branded as a traitor.
  • I thought that Morgana did a very good job at being a villain in this episode and while I don't like her as much as I did in the first two seasons, I do still like her as a villain even though I in no way want her to ever succeed in harming Merlin or taking over Camelot.
  • I liked that the warrior priest refused to tell Morgana, Emrys's true identity and that he revealed that he's on the same side as Merlin.
  • I liked the scene at the end with Merlin and Gaius, it just showed that how much these two care for each other.
  • I liked the scene at the end with Gaius and Arthur, I especially love that Gaius revealed that the sorcerer who Arthur believes killed his father didn't actually kill him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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