Thursday, April 26, 2012

TV Review: Vampire Diaries:Do Not Go Gentle(3.20)

                                        Vampire Diaries:Do Not Go Gentle(3.20)Review
  • I hated the way Ester used Rebekah's desire for doing normal high school things to lure Klaus into a trap and I hated that she daggered Rebekah again. I also hated that Rebekah still hasn't been able to go to a high school dance even though she's over a thousand years old.
  • I love that Caroline supports Stefan and Elena because it just gives me another reason to ship them.
  • I like that Matt and Jeremy rekindled their friendship in this episode.
  • I liked that Damon actually figured out that Alaric wasn't himself but sadly that didn't really do anyone any good.
  • I don't like that the white oak stake can't be destroyed anymore.
  • I love all the Stefan and Elena scenes in this episode they are just so sweet and cute together. I want them to get back together really soon.
  • I liked the Caroline and Tyler scenes as well they are also very sweet together.
  • I hated that Ester ended up turning Alaric into a special type of vampire in order to use him as a weapon. But I loved that Elena told Ester that what she was doing now is just as evil as creating vampires because she's totally right about this.
  • I kind of liked that most of our main characters were trapped on the school grounds for most of the episode because for some reason I just love it when a bunch of different characters are stuck somewhere together.
  • I loved that when Klaus was talking about Stefan about how they were like brothers in the 20s that Damon comes up and mentions that Stefan already has a brother.
  • I really liked it when Matt and Jeremy showed up at the tomb place with weapons and aimed them at Ester.
  • I loved that when Alaric woke up and was in transition that he was himself and that he killed Ester there by saving Matt and Jeremy.
  • I really liked all the scenes with people saying their goodbyes to Alaric they were very moving and it made me feel really sad about his death.
  • I loved the scene were Stefan tells Elena that it's okay to let herself feel and break down because it was a really sweet scene and it reminded me of a few scenes between my otp of all time, so basically I'm shipping Stefan and Elena more than ever.
  • I really liked Bonnie's relationship with Jaimie in this episode because she doesn't usually have anyone and he was just there for her. I also like how she keeps helping even though she doesn't really want to.
  • I love that Klaus undaggered Rebekah and I hope she's in the next episode.
  • I hated that Ester made Bonnie insure that Alaric completed his transition because while I loved Alaric regular Alaric is now dead and only evil Alaric remains which just feels more painful than just having him die for good.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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