Saturday, April 21, 2012

Manga Review: Clover V.1

                                                            Clover V.1 Review

Clover is a manga by Clamp the art is lovely as always but it's different from their usual style with how there's a lot of blank space and the mood just feels different. The story is about a man named Kazuhiko who is given the task to take a girl named Su to the place she wants to go. Su is a young girl who has lived alone for almost all of her life in a greenhouse that is owned by some branch of the miltary because she is a four leaf clover, it's not really explained in this volume what that means. Since Su is a four leaf clover lots of people want to take her so she needs Kazuhiko to protect her from them on their journey.

The story and the characters are very interesting but they're not fully explained and there's a lot of hints to things that have happened in the past so it can seem a bit confusing at times. The world in which the story is set is futuristic and there seems to be a lot of talk about the underground which is all very interesting but also mysterious. I liked that there were hints at past realtionships between the characters and lots of mysterys so far. Overall I really enjoy the series and I think this volume is a good start to the series. Please tell me your thoughts on the series.

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