Thursday, April 19, 2012

TV Review: Revenge: Doubt(1.17)

                                                       Revenge: Doubt(1.17)Review    
  • I liked seeing that Emily was still willing to take her revenge on the Graysons  even while she was working with them in order to free Daniel from prison.
  • I liked the part were Emily visited Daniel in prison they were really sweet together.
  • I hate that Victoria is willing to have Daniel assaulted in order to get him back home but I wasn't surprised by this course of action and I'm glad that Daniel is now under house arrest.
  • I liked that Emily had Nolan convince Mason Treadwell to write reports about Daniel's trial.
  • I really liked that Mason in this episode because we saw him doing really journalism and because he's decided that he'd rather tell what he believes the truth in than help the Graysons frame another Innocent man.
  • I liked that Nolan tried to convince Jack to forget about Amanda again but in helped out after Emily tells him that it would be a safer course of action for Jack if he left town.
  • I loved that Declan decided to protect Jack by telling Mason about how Charlotte was on pain killers and drinking on the night of the party, while I feel bad for Charlotte I think in the long run it might help her out if people now that she has a problem.
  • I liked the artist guy that Victoria is currently having an affair with but I agree with Conrad that now is not the time to be doing such things.
  • I loved that Daniel would rather confess to crime he didn't commit and go to prison than to turn on Emily.
  • I really liked that Emily disguised herself and seduced the thug for information about the Grayson's as she recorded it and I loved how she beat the crap out of him afterwards because of how he's harmed Jack and Daniel.                                           
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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