Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anime Review: Hakushaku To Yousei: He's a Refined Villain(1.01)

                              Hakushaku To Yousei: He's a Refined Villain(1.01)Review
Hakushaku To Yousei also known as Earl&Fairy is about a girl named Lydia who is a fairy doctor(which means she can see and hear fairies  but other people can't) and on the way to going to meet her father in London she is convinced to help a man to escape from the crew of the ship. Soon after they escape Lydia learns that she is on a different ship and that the man that she helped escape is Earl Edgar Ashenbert who is a descendant of the Earl of the Blue Knights who is said to own land in both the England and the fairy world. Lydia soon learns Edgar made sure to take her with him for her to find the sword of marrow which would allow him to go to the fairy land  but  he can't find since he isn't able to see fairies so he needs Lydia to do it for him.

I like the character Lydia so far because she seems cheerful for the most part and I love that she seems to always try to convince other people that fairies are real even though she knows they can never see them and therefore she can never prove they're real. I also like Edgar but I think that Lydia is right to be weary of him since at the beginning of the episode we see him kill a man after he forces information out of him but I feel like this makes his character more interesting since for most of this episode he was doing his best to charm Lydia but he can just as easily be threatening.

I also find it interesting that it's set in 19th century England.So far I love this series and I really look forward to continuing it. Please tell me your thoughts about the series.

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