Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anime Review: Hakushaku To Yousei: My Fairy(1.02)

                                 Hakushaku To Yousei: My Fairy(1.02)Review
In this episode Lydia decides that she will help Edgar locate the marrow sword after he shows her proof that he can read the fairy language. Soon after Lydia agrees to work for Edgar some police men come abored the ship looking for a criminal who is suspect of mass murder and thievery which leads to Lydia being suspicious of Edgar once again. Before Lydia has much time to dwell on Edgar's possible criminal past after they left the ship and travelled by train while waiting for a carriage they are attacked by some people from Edgar's past who clearly wish him harm.

In this episode we also learn about Edgar's servant Raven who has Fae blood and is completely devote to Edgar because he accepts him despite his blood. Raven also seems to be a really good fighter with how fastly he's able to take down so many men, I find his character to be quite interesting. In this episode we also learn more about Edgar's past like how his family is dead and he gave away his title long ago but then had to work as a slave and he now feels that finding the marrow sword is his only hope.

I also liked how the relationship is developing between Lydia and Edgar with how Lydia didn't leave him when she had the chance to and how Edgar told her of his past and protected her at expense to himself, also he continued to flirt with her through out. I'm overall enjoying the series. Please tell me your thoughts about the series.

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