Saturday, April 14, 2012

TV Review: Secret Circle:Sacrifice(1.18)

                                          Secret Circle:Sacrifice(1.18)Review
  • I really liked the random storyline of Adam helping Melissa and Faye flirt with the hockey player guy and I loved that Adam was mad at the guy for leading the girls on all night.
  • I like that the demons are being tied into the storyline again and I found it interesting that Blackwell was the one who released them the first time.
  • I was sad that Samuel had to die but I'm glad that demon was stopped.
  • I was not surprised to find out that Blackwell still has magic but I'm glad that it seems like he wants to use his powers to protect the circle rather than harm it.
  • I'm worried about Evan having all those demons inside him especially with the knowledge that he's now more powerful than the whole circle.
  • I like that the crystals are being used in the main plot now.
  • I really like the relationship between Diana and Grant, I found them to be really sweet and cute through out the episode.
  • I really like the scene were Diana tells Cassie how she can't have five minutes to herself.
  • I was scared that Diana wouldn't forgive Grant for lying but I'm super happy that she decided to give him a second chance.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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