Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 10 Book Characters

1. Charlie(Perks of Being a Wallflower): He just has this way of thinking that comes off as sweet, innocent and yet wise. I just love that he truly wants everyone to be happy and that he doesn't like to place blame on someone when something bad happens. I also like that he also struggles with some form of depression at times because it gives him more depth and the thoughts that come out when he's in this condition are some of my favorites. I also like that he's a bit of an outcast and that he has a tendency to over think things. I love Charlie mainly for the way he thinks which is why he's also my favorite narrator.
2. Percy Jackson(The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series): I love Percy for basically having all of the qualities of a good hero, being brave, his family and friends safety are the most important thing to him and he's generally a nice person. I also like that while he has the qualities of the hero he also very much a teenager as well with how he makes mistakes and doesn't always think things through. I also love that he has this sarcastic sense of humor that really comes across while reading his thoughts through the narration.
3. Nico Di Angelo(The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series): Nico is pretty much tied with Percy but Percy got ranked higher because he's the main character. I've loved Nico since I first met him in The Titan's Curse as an adorable boy who is obsessed with this card game but is personality changes quite a bit in through out the series. I loved him in the The Battle of the Labyrinth when he was trying to bring his sister back from the dead and hanging out with this ghost guy. I loved him of course in the final book as well and I like that in the last two books that Percy mentions that even though Nico is younger than him he kind of scares him probably due to him being the son of Hades.
4. Laura Wingfield(The Glass Menagerie): I love Laura for being one of the few fictional characters that I can actually say that I relate to. I love her for being this painfully shy girl that rather play with her menagerie and create her own imaginary world than face the really one.
5. Luna Lovegood(The Harry Potter series): I love her for being delightfully crazy and I just get really excited anytime she shows up. I also like that she's a Ravenclaw.
6. Alice(Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass): I love Alice because she sees the world differently the most people and I love the way she takes everything that happens in Wonderland like well it's a little bit odd but I guess that's just how things are here.
7. Tony(Impulse): I love him because he had quite a bit of depth and I loved the way he narrated things. I also like that he thought things could get better and I like that he seemed to be very friendly.
8. Connor(Impulse): I loved the way he narrated and I thought his story was interesting. I also liked that it kind of seemed like there was not really any hope for him that things would get better once he goes home. I don't really know how to explain why I love him at the moment.
9. Ginger(Tricks): I love Ginger because she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and I love that she knows were to draw the line. I also like how she loves and takes care of her younger siblings and I love that even though she's had a hard life she doesn't turn to drugs or alcohol for comfort.
10. Faye Chamberlin(The Secret Circle series): I love her being the most entertaining kind of bitch there is and I also love that she's a witch on top of it. I love the way it's described that she looks and how she has this rebellious nature. I also love the way she's introduced by reading a poem and than lighting it on fire in the middle of class. I love her in both the books and the TV show although she's quite different in the show.


  1. Luna's one of my favorites too. She's so weird but so ok in being weird. Gotta love her for that.

  2. Yay for Percy Jackson! And I love that you have Luna on here.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Alice is such an iconic character! Great list :)

  4. I love Luna! And Percy. :) Nico is such a fascinating character, too; I liked him a lot. Haven't read most of these others--except for Alice, whom I also like--but may have to give some of them a try.

  5. Yes. Luna Lovegood was so awesome! Cute blog :) I'm now a follower :)

  6. Nice list, I see we both chose and Alice for ours. Another great Alice: from the Looking Glass Wars.

  7. I love Luna too, such a wonderful character. :)