Monday, August 19, 2013

Top 9 things that make my life as a blogger easier

1. Penmanship Smitten: I just really love the way she talks about things and I really trust her opinion on things completely because we like quite a lot of the same things. She is the reason that I have read both The Fault in Our Stars and Cinder two books which I loved but if it wasn't for her writing about them on her blog I might've skipped over them. I also really love that she is also a big fan of Degrassi which is a favorite show of mine that not a whole lot of people watch or have heard of despite the show being on it's 13th season, this show as a huge cast but her favorite character is Holly J who is also my favorite and her favorite couple is Holly J/Declan which is also mine, in case you haven't guessed all ready this is a rare thing to find in fandom that has as many characters as this one which is one of the reasons I trust her opinion so much. She's also a fan of anime/manga which is something that not a whole lot of people are into and it's because of her post on Chihayafuru that I started watching and reviewing that anime which I am now obsessed with which you may have noticed if you've been to my blog a lot over the past month.
2. TV Tropes: This site is wonderful because it points out all the traits that make up your favorite series and once you started to understand all the tropes it's easy to see which ones are your favorites and find series that have a lot of your favorite tropes chances are you'll end up loving that series. Also since the site has spoilers on it, it gives away a lot more information about things then a generally description would give therefore it's easier to find out what kind of book or show or movie your getting into. This site helps me find new things that I'd like to try out and therefore helps me with my blog because it gives me more things to blog about.
3. Wikapedia: This site as information on everything so it's very helpful for when I'm reviewing something and I need to check out how to spell something that I'm either to lazy to look up in a book or merely heard it in a TV show but I haven't a clue how to spell it. It also helps to read the brief summary on the page so I can remember everything I want to write about in my reviews.
4. Blogger: If it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have a blog because I'm not all that technically savvy so I would have no idea how to make a blog without the template that I get from this site and it's fairly easy to use although I still haven't figured out how to arrange pictures in a square.
5. Sites that allow to watch TV online: Despite what I believe most of my followers want out of my blog I in fact mostly blog about TV shows not books in fact if I had to define myself as just one medium kind of blogger it would be TV. That being said I don't often watch TV shows live because commercials breaks the mood that the show sets which really annoys me( for example watching Teen Wolf on MTV feels really weird since it doesn't really fit in with the rest of it's network so the commercial breaks feel like mood whiplash.). Therefore I need to watch my TV online and since I review a lot of TV shows these sites help a lot with my blogging.
6. Heroine TV: This is a blog that I use to really love and is in fact what inspired me to create a blog of my own which is the reason it makes the list and the only reason I don't love it anymore is because she barely ever updates anymore.
7. The Broke and the Bookish: This site the lovely host of Top Ten Tuesday is the site that keeps me in touch with the book blogging community that is still a bit of a mystery to me despite how many Top Ten Tuesday posts I have written but it seems like it's full of friendly enthusiastic people. This site is also the reason that I got my first comment(and most of the later ones as well) and my first follower(and probably all of my other followers as well although I'm a bit unsure on that point) so I'm really thankful to it because it's because of this meme that I know people actually read my blog.
8. Tumblr: Tumblr is the site that introduced me to a lot of my favorite tv shows such as Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Community and since I have mentioned all three of these shows on my blog before I think that counts as helping with my blog. Also just being able to look back at some of my favorite scenes in gif form allows me to pick up smaller details I missed while watching the show which will help me talk about those scenes on my blog later on.
9. Barnes and Noble: I don't have a good library therefore I have to buy all of the books I read so and Barnes and Noble is the book store I primarily shop in so being able to actually buy books obviously makes my life a lot easier because without a books I can't read or review books which is something that I try to do somewhat regularly on my blog. I also just generally love the store because it has a decent selection of books and actually going into the store allows me to pick up books I wouldn't have found if I was buying books online.


  1. I love the Top Ten Tuesday meme as well. I've got to speak to lots of different bloggers because of it! :-)

  2. Nice list! I love my Tumblr as well although I have been neglecting it terrible this year. I used to be obsessed. :X

    My TTT