Thursday, August 8, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru: World Offers No Escape(1.17)

                             Chihayafuru: World Offers No Escape(1.17)Review
This episode starts off with the karuta club winning a relay between all the other after school clubs and Chihaya had hoped that this would get more people to join but while it got some people interested in the club once they saw the team play they got scared off by how intense it was. This episode is the start of the fall term and so the team makes plans in which of the tournaments that they should compete in. In the middle of talking about the upcoming tournaments Taichi gets a call from his girlfriend in which is almost never mentioned and they break up and Taichi goes right on talking about the tournaments.

Everyone has become even more dedicated to karuta over the summer and everyone are working the best they can to improve their game. Tsutomu doubts his abilities for a bit since he isn't really athletic at all so he doesn't have as good speed or stamina as he would like but after talking about karuta with Kana a bit about how she sees karuta as an art rather than a sport his fears are lessened and he's really glad he choose to play karuta. Taichi who has now made it his goal to advance to class A has planned it so that he can go to a tournament over the weekend although he feels like he's being sneaky about his goals even though he tells Chihaya about the tournament and invites her to paly in it but it's far away and therefore too expensive for her. Nishida ends up also being at the tournament that Taichi went and neither of them end up doing too well at it.

Chihaya while practicing at karuta society over the weekend is told by Dr. Harada that she should stop relaying on her speed which causes Chihaya distress because for karuta has always been about speed. During karuta club after playing Tsutomu he shows Chihaya how many cards of her's he was able to take from her. Kana also tries to help Chihaya out by explaining how each poem his really different and how for her karuta is about the poetry. In the end Chihaya realizes that she should look at karuta the ways Tsutomu and Kana look at of to help her improve her game.

I really enjoyed this episode which showed how hard everyone was working on karuta and how focused everyone was on their goals. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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