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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Currents(3.07)

                                                Teen Wolf: Currents(3.07)Review
  • I really liked how Scott brought his mom dinner to work, it was just such a sweet thing to do.
  • I loved how Scott took away that one woman's pain away that couldn't be given pain medication yet.
  • I like that it seems like Ethan really cares for Danny with how freaked out he was when he brought Danny to the hospital.
  • I really liked seeing how worried both Scott and Ethan were when they heard that Danny had a collapsed lung and I loved how Ms. McCall being able to save Danny was viewed as a great act of heroism by both Scott and Ethan because it really was.
  • I find it interesting that Ethan mentioned that Lydia is somehow important to Scott and I'm wondering how the alphas know this information.
  • I found it creepy that the people who taken as sacrifices in this episode were first surrounded by butterflies.
  • I liked how Scott and Isaac watched over Ms. McCall overnight because they wanted to make sure that she wasn't the next sacrifice.
  • I liked that when Deaton knew that he was going to be taken that he called Scott because he had faith that Scott would be able to find him.
  • I liked that Boyd and Isaac went to Derek to help him come up with a plan once they figured out that the alphas would becoming for him that night. I really liked that Boyd come up with the plan to electrocute who ever came because that was a pretty smart plan.
  • I liked that Stiles actually called his dad after he found out from Scott that Deaton was being taken because well Stiles often keeps things like this from his dad even though he shouldn't since it's his job to solve these types of crimes.
  • I really loved how Scott told Stiles that they should tell Sheriff Stilinski what is really going on because he has a right to know and at this point not knowing the truth is really hurting his ability to do his job since he doesn't know why so many people are being killed. I thought that this was a really good argument because I've been think about this kind of thing for awhile.
  • I also really liked Stiles response about why they can't tell him which really boiled down to Stiles couldn't loose dad and he fears that him knowing the truth could put him danger and I do like that Stiles did admit that his reasoning isn't really right after Scott told him it was understandable.
  • I did like that Stiles did consider telling his dad the truth and I liked that Scott offered to help him although this didn't happen because Ms. Morrell showed up and said that Scott knew someone that could help him find Deaton.
  • I don't think Lydia having a relationship with Aiden is the best idea but so far he's at least nicer to her than Jackson was.
  • While I agree with Cora not thinking it's a good idea for Lydia to be involved with Aiden, I really loved Lydia's response about how she can handle a werewolf boyfriend.
  • I liked how when Cora was holding on to Lydia's arm and Lydia had already told Cora to let go that when Stiles comes in he repeats that same thing.
  • I liked how Scott and Stiles assumed that Lydia was the one who would know were Deaton was and I enjoyed all the ways in which Stiles tried to have Lydia find out were he was but since no one knows what Lydia is it didn't really help but I really enjoyed all those scenes.
  • I liked the scene with Scott and Deucalion where Deucalion gave subtle hints that he knew where Deaton was and he told him to follow the currents.
  • I really enjoyed the scene where Scott and Alison hid in Alison's closet and things got a bit awkward and they almost kiss and were all giggly, I just find this scene really adorable.
  • I find it a bit disturbing that Mr. Argent knows where the sacrifices will be taken and will found that haven't happened yet and isn't doing anything to prevent them.
  • I liked the scene were Stiles snuck into Danny's hospital room and went through his things and he told Danny it was a dream and that when Danny continued to question him Stiles told him to take responsibility for his dream.
  • I liked that Ms. McCall was helping Sheriff Stilinski out with his investigation of looking for Deaton.
  • I liked how Danny's report on electrically currents through out Beacon Hills and that there was a comment from Mr. Harris that clued them in on the fact that Harris knew something.
  • I thought it was pretty bad luck that the alphas found out about the electrocution plan before they could put it into effect.
  • I liked how Scott tried his hardest to get through the mountain ash barrier to rescue Deaton even though he pretty much knew it was pointless he didn't give up.
  • I thought it was sad that the electricity was put back on only to have Boyd get electrocuted and that the alpha used his weakened state to force Derek to kill him.
  • I thought it was sad that Boyd die but it was made even sadder by showing us Erica's death at the same time and that it was clear that Boyd was thinking about her as he died.
  • I really liked that Sheriff Stilinski was able to find out where Deaton was and was the one who was able to rescue him.
  • I loved how Deaton told Scott that he has the potential to be a true alpha which is basically someone who becomes an alpha because they earned rather than because they killed for it. I'm also glad that Scott now knows that Deucalion is after him not Derek.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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