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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Alpha Pact(3.11)

                                              Teen Wolf: Alpha Pact(3.11)Review
  • I liked how this episode seemed to start only a few minutes after the last one which added to the frantic atmosphere of this episode with everyone needing to get away from the hospital fast.
  • I found it kind of funny that Isaac brought up that the last time that Peter saw the Argents was the night they killed him and that Peter fled right as he said this.
  • I liked the concerned expressions on Alison' s and Isaac's faces when they heard that Scott wasn't coming with them, I just loved seeing how much those two cared about him.
  • I really disliked that FBI agent that talked to Stiles about everything that was going on especially since in their first conversation he assumed that Stiles dad had been drinking which is just an asshole thing to assume.
  •  I really liked how Mr. Argent kept telling Stiles not to give up hope because he saw that he pretty much had and Mr. Argent was pretty determined to make sure that he could make things turn out alright.
  • I loved how Isaac questioned what Derek has been doing all long and pointed out how when people like Scott and Stiles were trying to prevent killings Derek had been sleeping with the killer. I also loved that Isaac asked Derek why he even bothered turning him, Erica and Boyd in the first place, I always really loved how emotional he was in this scene.
  • I loved that Isaac decided that he couldn't just wait around for something to happen and then went to the Argents to see in what way he can help.
  • I kind of liked how Peter mentioned that Isaac is switching his loyalties from Derek to Scott because he's been doing that since the end of season two so I liked that it was stated in this episode.
  • I really liked how during the scene where the Argents bring out all their weapons Stiles is kind of in awe of it since he thought they were retired and I like that Mr. Argent replied that they weren't defenseless.
  • I liked that it was said that Scott teaming up with the alphas wasn't something that was exactly wrong of him but something he felt like was his only option because that's something that I believed was true.
  • I really liked the scene between Lydia and her mom when Lydia said that she didn't want to cover up her bruised because surviving someone trying to kill her is nothing to be ashamed of, I especially loved that part because in seasons one and two she would've covered it up but now she sees no reason to.
  • I find it interesting how Lydia remembered that Miss. Blake seemed to surprised that she was a banshee so that there must have been another reason that she tried to kill her.
  • I found the scene where Mr. Argent gave himself up to be sacrificed after making sure that neither Alison or Isaac could interfere to be pretty heartbreaking especially seeing Alison being powerless to save her dad even though she's only a few feet away from him.
  • I liked the moment that Alison and Isaac shared after her dad was taken when she said their all going to die and Isaac tried to make sure she held onto hope while held her and gave her a bit of emotional support.
  • I really liked how once Mr. Argent woke up that Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski kept pointing out that Miss. Blake had took all of his knives while he was out.
  • I found it sad how Sheriff Stilinski recounted how on the night of his death he stayed with a dying girl who told him that he must be with his wife and how he stayed because he didn't believe her. I also found it sad that Stiles was alone with his mom when she died.
  • I liked how when Stiles was having his panic attack that Lydia was trying to everything she could to calm him down and I just loved seeing the concern that she had for him in that scene.
  • I loved that Lydia kissed Stiles to calm him down and I loved that it worked and I loved how Stiles seemed to be in awe of what happened afterward and I loved how Lydia tried to awkwardly explain it away as a way to stop a panic attack and I loved that Stiles said that was smart of her. I just really loved that whole scene it was great and I loved that they kissed because I've shipped them since season one and I loved it was clear that they both felt something with the kiss.
  • I liked that after the kiss that Stiles remembered that it was mentioned earlier that Ms. Morrell might know something. I liked that by going through Lydia's drawings of the trees she drew a bunch all season that they figured out that she wasn't drawing a tree but the nemeton were Miss. Blake will be preforming her last sacrifice.
  • I thought it was a pretty awkward moment for Lydia when she went over to Derek's and came face to face with Peter again.
  • I thought it was pretty annoying how Peter and Derek had both had their memories wiped of the place they needed to find.
  • I like how Scott seems to be question Deucalion about how many people he was willing to hurt and I like that it seems like Scott still has a choice to join or leave at this point.
  • I was really impressed by Ms. Morrell's ability to make a circle of mountain ash by just throwing it in the air.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Ms. Morrell sent the girl to save Isaac at the beginning of the season and I liked how she tried to convince all the members of Deucalion's pack to leave him not just Scott because she gave them all good reasons to.
  • I liked that when Ms. Morrell was injured that Scott rushed to her right a way and promised that he wouldn't let them kill her, I just loved seeing how Scott's compassion for others doesn't change despite him being in a pretty dangerous situation for showing it.
  • I really hope that Ms. Morrell hasn't died but it's unclear at the moment if she survived her injury.
  • I liked that Derek gave up his alpha powers in order to save Cora's life that was good of him.
  • I find it kind of scary that the way to find the location of their parents is for Scott, Stiles and Alison to temporarily die and be a sort of surrogate sacrifice for their parents and Deaton kind of implies that the back to life part may not happen.
  • I liked that when Deaton mentioned that one of the consequences to doing this was that all sorts of different supernaturals will be drawn to Beacon Hills and that Stiles replied that doesn't seem worse then anything else they've encounter so far.
  • I find it interesting that the other consequence is an emotional one since in most series like this that isn't something that is focused on.
  • I liked how Stiles, Alison and Scott all explained about the object of their parents that had meaning, I just really liked that scene.
  • I liked how it was mentioned that the person that held the person down in the water had to be someone who the person had a strong emotional connection with.
  • I liked the moment Alison and Lydia shared when they thought Lydia would be Alison's person it was a sweet friendship moment.
  • I really liked how Deaton said that Lydia would go with Stiles because well I really like those to having an emotional connection.
  • I liked that although Scott was a bit hurt by being able to tell that Alison and Isaac had developed a connection he also said it was fine, I just loved how maturely he handle that situation.
  • I was surprised by the reveal that the FBI agent from earlier in the episode was Scott's dad and well Scott seemed pretty freaked out about hearing that news as well.
  • I overall really loved this episode and it's getting me really excited for the midseason finale.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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