Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Intro. and Top 5 TV Shows

I've decided to make a meme of my own called Top 5 Thursday because I enjoy the idea of making lists each week about things I love and while I do participate in a meme called Top 10 Tuesday that's only about books so I thought it would be fun for me to make up my own meme since then I could make up my own topics. This meme will mostly focus on TV shows and movies but if the topic but if it's not specifically mentioned in the topic of the week feel free to use books or any other form of media you wish. I hope that anyone who sees this will make there own list whether it be in the comments or on their own blog.

Since TV Shows are one of my favorite things I thought it would be a good first topic.
1. The OC: While a lot of people call this show a guilty pleasure I've never felt that way about the show because I've always thought that it was well written and acted and I saw no need to feel any shame about enjoying this show. I love this show so much I own all four seasons on DVD and I still rewatch and I still love it although the first and fourth are my favorite seasons I still enjoy the middle seasons as well. I really loved all of the major characters and I loved the relationships that developed over the course of the show whether they be friendship or romantic relationships. I loved that this was a show that would make me laugh and make me cry. I just really loved this show and I felt really attached to all it's characters so it's my favorite and has been for a long time and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
2. Angel: Angel is a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which is a show that I also love but I love Angel more because I love the characters more. I love that while in a lot of ways it's similar to Buffy with the whole trying to rid the world of evil basic plot it's also a lot different because it's darker so the lines between good and bad are harder to define. I also really loved the theme of redemption through out the show and I loved that the main message when it comes to redemption was that it was something that you had to earn and in the end you may never be able to make up for the things you've done but that shouldn't stop you from trying. One of my favorite things about this show are the characters some were original from Buffy but joined this show such as Angel who in this series is actually shown to be a socially awkward dork although he can still be pretty badass or Cordelia who is basically the same person as she was on Buffy but she develops a lot over the course of the show with wanting to save innocent people. There are new characters which I love such as the demon Lorne who is against violence and owns I nightclub and people come to him for advice because he can read a person from hearing them sing or there's Fred a girl who got trapped in another world for years and his also super smart and pretty adorkable as well. I also really loved the big bad of the series Wolfram and Heart which was a firm of evil lawyers.
3. Firefly: This show was very short lived but one of the best I've ever seen my only compliant about this show is that it was too short. I loved the concept of the whole space cowboys thing and I really loved that this was in contrast to the alliance planets which were really high tech but the outer planets were more like the old west. I also really love the characters as well my favorite being River who is a teenager girl who's a genius but she has been driven insane because the alliance played with her brain. Overall this show is great and I think everyone should at least give this show a chance because it's brilliant.
4. Dollhouse: This is another sci-fi show but this one is about people who have their brains wiped for several years so that the their bodies can be used to be imprint by personalities that would fit what the client wants out of a person. The concept of this show is really interesting and somewhat disturbing and I really love the ethical questions this show has. I really loved actually a lot of the characters although it did take a while for them to get developed and I just really love this show and I wished more people stuck with this show past the first few episodes because it's actually one of my favorite shows and season 2 is one of the best seasons of anything I've ever watch.
5. Pushing Daises: This show is most definitely the prettiest show that I've ever seen and it's also very sweet with it's fairytale like romance between Ned and Chuck and how all the characters are strange but endearing. I also really loved how quirky all of the cases where and I loved that this show could mix something like murder with the gorgeous visuals the show has.

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