Thursday, August 29, 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Bottle Episodes

Top 5 Thursday is a meme that I create to make lists of things involving tv and movies. I would love for anyone that sees this post to make list of their own whether it's in the comment section or on their own blog.
Bottle episodes are were the whole episode takes place in basically one location and while quite a few people seem to dislike these kind of episodes I happen to love them so here's a list of five of my favorites please tell me yours as well.
1. Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited(6.10): This is an episode that I didn't realize was technically a bottle episode until I looked up bottle episodes on TV tropes but this is actually one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who that I've seen so it had to make it on my list. This is an episode that I find all kinds of heartbreaking with Amy becoming stuck in a different timeline for years and having to survive on her own and she became bitter towards the Doctor during that time. There's also lots of great Amy and Rory moments through out the episode some heartwarming and some heartbreaking but overall love just about everything about this episode one of my all time favorites.
2. Teen Wolf: Motel California(3.06): This episode takes place at this really creepy motel that proudly displays the number of in room suicides in the it's lobby so it comes as little surprise that this places causes a lot of odd behavior with having Scott, Isaac, Boyd and Ethan starting to hallucinate and then try to kill themselves. I really enjoyed seeing Stiles, Lydia and Alison working together stopping the werewolves from killing themselves they all worked really well together as a team. Then there was Scott's suicide attempt that was so heartbreaking with him blaming himself for things that weren't his fault and thinking that the world was better off without him and then Stiles tells him that if he's going to do this he's going to have to take him with him and I just have so many friendship feels about these two in general but this episode kind of overwhelmed me a bit. I overall really loved this episode because I do tend to enjoy watching people hallucinate in general, seeing characters I love work together and  I've always been super invested in Scott and Stiles friendship in general so this episode was kind of perfect for me.
3. Doctor Who: Midnight(4.10): This episode was extremely disturbing for what it said about human nature or rather the whole pack mentality with how in times of great stress people can be quite easily made to turn on one another in order to save themselves. I really liked how this episode turned around how effective the Doctor was at dealing with these kind of situations because normal he can always make people see his side and he brings out their heroic side but in this one it just made them suspicious of him. I overall felt like this episode left a deep impact on me and I really enjoy how much the episode made me feel even though it wasn't exactly a good feeling.
4. Teen Wolf: Night School(1.07): This is the first episode of Teen Wolf that made me realize that I actually kind of love the show not just parts of it because before this point I was just watching it because I wanted to review another show over the summer but this one made me realize how much I cared about the characters and the plot of the show in general. I loved how in the first half the episode Scott and Stiles were just trying to find the best way to escape the school without the alpha killing them and that it was just the two of them doing the best they could to survive. I also kind of like the contrast with Scott and Stiles situation to Alison, Jackson and Lydia's where they came to the school because they thought Scott invited Alison with how the three of them are at the school and have no idea what is going on and aren't clued into the supernatural stuff at this point so it's a pretty big contrast that I enjoyed watching. I really also enjoyed when all the characters actually meet up and Scott has to lie a lot about what's actually going on and I also love that this is the episode where Lydia reveals that she knows how to make a self igniting Molotov cocktail. This is also the first episode that starts the theme of someone wanting Scott to kill all his friends odd that this comes up as much as it does. I overall really loved this episode because a lot actually happens in it when I think about it even though it's in a short amount of time and in one location.
5. Community: Remedial Chaos Theory(3.03): This is an episode I really love because it shows a whole bunch of alternate timelines based off of who goes to get the pizza and I really loved seeing how different the interactions where based off of one simple event. This episode was really great and really different which is why I love it.

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