Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anime Review: Hakushaku to Yousei: A Banshee's Memories(1.09)

                         Hakushaku to Yousei: A Banshee's Memories(1.09)Review
In this episode Paul goes after the Banshee who taken by a selkie who led her to a man named Ulysses who claims to be the blue knight earl and the banshee believes his claims because he is of some relation to her old master Lady Gladys. Ulysses is one of the princes men and is after the banshee's amber tears and if he finds those tears he might be able to become powerful as the blue knight earl.

Ermine is the selkie which was helping out Ulysses and Ermine may be Raven's sister who everyone believed to be dead for some time now. Lydia goes over to Edgar's home because she was worried about him but after she found him somewhat drunk she regretted worrying about him although I think it's worth mentioning that Edgar says that he almost gave up on Lydia in this scene but was glad that he didn't.

While I overall enjoyed this episode I also felt that not much happened in this episode but rather that it was hinting at that something may happen soon. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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