Thursday, August 15, 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Main Characters

Top 5 Thursday is a meme that I create to make lists of things involving tv and movies. I would love for anyone that sees this post to make list of their own whether it's in the comment section or on their own blog.
This week's topic is main characters because I often find that the main characters in most series aren't usually my favorite so I get really happy whenever I love a main character a lot.
1. Tohru Honda(Fruits Basket): Tohru is a character that I love because of the kindness that she extends to everyone and I love that she accepts everyone as they are. She always seems to be able to try and see things from other people's point of view which enables her to give pretty good advice on a situation without even really trying. I love that while she has her own pain she always seems to put other people first and I love that she learned through out the series that she should let herself worry about her own wants and needs sometimes. I just overall really love Tohru's positive attitude.
2. Percy Jackson(Percy Jackson and the Olympians): Percy is a character that I love for being someone who is very heroic with how he has this undying loyalty to those that he cares about and he always does try to do the right thing. I also really love that he's pretty sarcastic as well and I just really love how personality his character seems to have.
3. Syaoran(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle): I really love Syaoran because he can be so sweet an awkward one moment and then the next he can be brave and determined. I've always really loved this character he is just completely lovable in my opinion and I also find him quite interesting as well with how he tends to never mention anything of his own suffering even when he probably should and how tends to push himself past his limit at times.
4. Sakura Kinomoto(Cardcaptor Sakura): Sakura is a character I love because she's a sweet caring girl who is also very powerful as well. I love Sakura because she spreads kindness to all and she almost always finds a reason to be happy which is something that I enjoy in a character. I also love that while Sakura is just naturally powerful when it comes to magic she's also able to think quite inventively when she is capturing the clow cards.
5. Merlin(Merlin): Merlin is a character that I love so much with how he starts off the show with this optimistic attitude with wanting to use is powers to save people all the time. I love that he's so loyal but I think that this trait pretty much ended up destroying his life because of his loyalty to Arthur he never tried to really make sure that magic became legal again and then he wouldn't have to always pretend to be less than he is. I love that Merlin doesn't seem grasp his own value with how he never thinks twice about sacrificing himself although this is a trait that also saddens me. I also find it interesting that his character pretty much developed in a negative way rather than a positive way with becoming someone who is more ruthless and giving up on his pretty much life long dream of having magic be legal, I find this interesting because it's not something that is usually seen in main characters.

Honorable Mentions:Emily Thorne(Revenge)and Shinji Ikari(Neon Genesis Evangelion)

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