Thursday, August 8, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru: The Autumn Leaves of Mount Ogura(1.16)

                     Chihayafuru: The Autumn Leaves of Mount Ogura(1.16)Review
This episode was pretty much just summarizing the series so far which was fine and all but I watched the series in a pretty short amount of time so I didn't really need this episode to remind me of things. There was a rather humorous story at the beginning of the episode how when Chihaya was 10 her older sister stole her Christmas money from her to buy a coat but then gave Chihaya the coat because she called her sister more beautiful than a model at a photo shoot.

There was some kind of random funny bits with the karuta club like trying to use an idiom to describe the other members of the team, I only really remember Kana calling Tasichi "A Jack of all trades, A master of none" because that's a really accurate description of him. Then there was a thing about how Nishida's shirts always says something on them and how his sister makes them for him. Then Nishida's sister makes shirts for the club and puts them in order of attractiveness which causes Chihaya(who's rated last) and Taichi(who's rated second to last) to freak out.There's also a bit with the members of the team saying who they would most like to date and everyone but Kana and Taichi say that they would most like to date Kana.

I overall like this episode even though nothing really happened in it but I really did enjoy the comic little bits in between recapping the story so far.

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