Friday, August 23, 2013

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Lunar Eclipse(3.12)

                                        Teen Wolf: Lunar Eclipse(3.12)Review
  • I found that white place in which Scott, Stiles and Alison woke up in to be pretty creepy just because it was so empty other than the nemton.
  • I found the memories that Scott, Stiles and Alison were shown from the night that Scott was bit to be kind of sad because it must feel like a life time ago for the characters where in reality it's been less than a year I'm pretty sure and it must be pretty hard to watch them for Scott and Stiles knowing what happens now with Scott seeing himself get bit and Stiles seeing himself lead Scott into the woods.
  • I find it interesting that Alison was in the car that almost hit Scott in the first episode and that she wanted to go see if he was alright.
  • I thought it was very unhelpful but fairly common for this kind of show that they were in the water for 16 hours.
  • I liked how Stiles called Scott working with Deucalion a deal with the devil because I've been thinking of it as that since he first made that deal and I liked how everyone was sure that Deucalion couldn't be trusted.
  • I liked how Ethan went to the group to warn them about Kali and his brother going to kill Derek.
  • I liked that Lydia, Peter and Cora were able to convince Derek that since he couldn't win the fight he should just get out of town.
  • I liked how when Scott's dad said that he didn't know what's going on that Scott tells him he figured out a long time ago that he doesn't have a clue.
  • I loved how Alison pulled a smoke grenade in order to give herself, Scott and Isaac the time they needed to escape from the FBI guys.
  • I found it really impressive that Jenifer was able to use her magic skills to kill Kali and almost kill the twins rather easily. I really do enjoy her as a villain and really just as a character.
  • I kind of liked how Jenifer was able to convince Derek to help her fight Deucalion because they do both have good reason to want him dead and she has agreed to let the parents go if Derek helps her.
  • I liked how when the ceiling was starting to come down on everyone that Isaac held it up even though he's terrified of small places.
  • I liked how Scott refused to kill Jenifer when he had the chance because that's not the alpha or person really that he wants to be.
  • I kind of liked how Derek tricked Jenifer into giving Deucalion his vision back in order to weaken her.
  • I loved how when Stiles saw his dad for the first time again he just went and hugged him.
  • I liked how Scott was able to force himself through the mountain ash circle and that he first started off asking Jenifer to stop what she was doing rather than go straight for the kill like Deucalion ended up doing.
  • I hope that Derek was right about Deucalion being a better person with his vision because otherwise they really screwed up by letting him live.
  • I really dislike how Lydia and Aiden all of the sudden have real feelings for each other because their relationship was purely physical until this episode and we don't even really know anything about Aiden.
  • I liked how Scott made it clear to his dad that he's not welcome in his life.
  • I like how Alison made a new code for her family with protect those who can't protect themselves.
  • I like how Scott mentions there is a darkness around his heart but looking for his friends helps him.
  • I'm not all that surprise that Peter's an alpha again and probably evil because it seemed like he was up to something last episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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