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TV Review: Teen Wolf: The Overlooked(3.10)

                                           Teen Wolf: The Overlooked(3.10)Review
  • I liked how Scott and Stiles beat Jenifer to Derek's and had already told him the truth before she got there and that they were able to reveal her real face to Derek.
  • I found it smart that Jenifer did everything to inure that Derek, Scott and Stiles would need her alive so that she could get them to protect her from the alpha pack.
  • I really liked Dylan O'Brien's acting through out the episode because it was very clear that he was worried about his dead but at the same time it was very subtle as well which is a rare combination and I always appreciate that kind of acting.
  • I liked that when Melissa saw Peter she said he was suppose to be dead and he replies that he gets that a lot.
  • I liked that when Scott and Derek were fighting the twins Stiles saw a chance to sneak over to Cora and get her out of harms way and that he motioned Peter to help him that.
  • I liked that when Scott was fighting the twins he addressed them by name and tried to convince them to stop fighting him.
  • I liked that when Alison found out that Isaac was planning on going to the hospital she gave her dad a look that meant they should go with him which got him to offer to drive Isaac there.
  • I liked when Melissa saw Deucalion she knew that he was the bad guy right away.
  • I liked how it was brought out in the open in this episode that the alpha pack was interested in Scott because he is a true alpha.
  • I really enjoyed the speech Stiles gave to an unconscious Cora about how he use to be the one who came up with the plans or least had a plan b and how she might be right maybe all they do is find dead bodies but he really doesn't want to find his dad's. It was very well acted and sad speech.
  • I think that Jenifer does have true feelings for Derek because of all their scenes in the elevator and how she kept trying to get him to understand her.
  • I was really surprised to learn that Jenifer who's real name is Julia was the emissary of Kali's old pack and that the reason she's still alive is because she wanted her to die peaceful. I also find it interesting that Kali only join the alpha pack to be with Ennis.
  • I find it interesting and kind of twisted that Derek's killing of Paige is what kept Jenifer alive long enough to be found.
  • I get why Jenifer thinks that destroying the alpha pack is something she has to do but I still think it's still evil of her to sacrifice innocent people in order to destroy them.
  • I find it interesting that the lunar eclipse makes it so the werewolves loose their powers.
  • I liked how Scott was saved by his mom when he was fighting the twins with that thing that restarts a heart.
  • I found it funny when they were trying to explain who the darach was that Isaac called Jennifer hot even though there discussing how she's evil.
  • I really loved the plan were Alison pretends to be Jenifer and then once out front of the hospital she got out her bow and arrows and started shooting with back up from her dad.
  • I found it pretty sad when Stiles looked at the bottom of the paper and saw the parent or guardian and clicked in his head that guardian was in parent not law enforcement like he originally thought. I also liked how Stiles ran after Scott and was right behind him when Scott came to that same realization.
  • I liked that Isaac didn't want to leave without Scott and he only ended up leaving when Peter said if they didn't the Argents would die.
  • The second to last scene completely broke my heart with Scott realizing that his mom has been taken the look on his face is completely devastating and it's made even worse when Deucalion tells him that he can save both his mom and Stiles dad and Scott just feels he has no other choice at this point.
  • The second to last scene becomes even sadder when Stiles arrives and tells Scott not to do this that they can come up with another plan but with what he said earlier in the episode he probably knows this isn't true and he just really doesn't want to loose his best friend.
  • I'm glad that for the time being that Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski are still alive and I hope that they'll stay that way.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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