Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TV Review: The Bates Motel: Midnight(1.10)

                                          The Bates Motel: Midnight(1.10)Review
  • I liked how Norma went to Sheriff Romero the next morning after she was threatened by Jake and I also liked that she didn't feel safe with just Romero giving her his word because she doesn't really trust anyone in this town because she doesn't have a real reason to.
  • I enjoyed the scene were Norman asks Emma to the dance it was a sweet yet fun scene that I really enjoyed.
  • While I got why Norma felt like she needed a gun and I agree with her not thinking that Romero is trustworthy I also agree with Dylan thinking that Norma and a gun is a bad idea.
  • I found the scene with Miss. Watson on the phone with someone yelling at them to be pretty surprising while compared to her normal tone. I also thought it was a bit weird how touchy feely she was to Norman when she asked him to keep the phone call a secret.
  • I liked that Norma went to the therapist's office even though she mostly just lied because I think that's at least a small step forward for her.
  • I think it's suspicious that Sheriff Romero knew exactly where to find the money that Shelby had.
  • I liked the scene where Dylan taught Norma how to shoot a gun and I really loved that he called her mom once and I liked that seemed to make her happy as well even though she knows it was just a slip from Dylan.
  • I get why Norman would dislike how Bradley came over to see Dylan I wish that he would have believed Dylan when he said there wasn't anything going on between them.
  • I found it really sad and disturbing that Norma was raped by her older brother while she was growing up and while I think it's a bit strange that she told this to Norman I think that her reasoning of wanting the person closest to her to know the truth made sense.
  • I liked how both Emma and Norman admitted that they've never been to a school dance before.
  • I felt bad for Emma because Norman kept looking over Bradley while they were dancing and I agree with Emma's statement that Norman does like her but is too stupid to realize it.
  • I was surprised that Bradley's boyfriend was in this episode because he's been gone for so long but I do think that Norman deserved that punch in the face.
  • I find it odd how Miss. Watson decided to bring Norman back to her place and get change with the door open and I kind do thing Norman's hallucination was probably right about the seduction thing although I'm sad that she dead but I'm glad that Norman doesn't know it yet.
  • I think that it's really suspicious that Sheriff Romero is willing to let Jake continue doing business in his town and I think that's a good enough reason for Norma not to trust him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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