Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew

                                              The Magician's Nephew Review
This book is about a boy named Digory who has recently moved in with his Aunt and Uncle in the city from his home in the country because of his mother's illness, Digory makes friends with his neighbor Polly. Digory and Polly like to go on adventures such as traveling through the attics of the row houses from rafter to rafter and one day they accidently find themselves in Digory's Uncle Andrew's private study. Uncle Andrew is a cowardly magician who tricks Digory and Polly into trying out his rings that will bring them to other worlds.

The first world that the children visit is the dying world of Charn which was a rather frightening world and in that world they meet the witch Jadis who in later books as the White Witch. It turns out that the witch Jadis spoke a spell during a war that killed ever living creature in her world expect herself because she didn't want to loose the throne to her sister. Jadis ends up following Digory and Polly back to their world where she causes an awful lot of trouble so the children try to send her back to her own world but accidently end up sending the witch, themselves, Uncle Andrew, the Caddy and his horse all to the new world of Narnia instead.

The creation of Narnia was a fascinating thing to read about with Aslan singing everything into existence and giving certain animals the ability to speak also the earth would grow anything in the first few days of Narnia's existence such as lamp post and toffee trees. The Cabby and his wife end up becoming the first King and Queen of the land because they are kind and just people. Digory is sent on a quest to get an apple from a far off garden so that it can guard Narnia from the witch and so that Digory can atone for bringing the witch to Narnia, he's also given a fruit from the tree to heal his mother.

I overall loved this book it had a fantastical plot and I though it was really magical to see the beginning of Narnia. I really loved most of the major characters with Polly, Digory and the cabby being my favorite. I really loved the way in which the book was written as well in a way that was clearly meant for children but doesn't talk down to them which made the book very enjoyable for me to read. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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