Friday, July 12, 2013

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Fireflies(3.03)

                                                Teen Wolf: Fireflies(3.03)Review
  • I liked the kids from the beginning of the episode that were catching fireflies because they seemed to handle themselves fairly well with Boyd chasing after them in that they ran away and sought shelter and tried to keep quiet which was smart of them. I loved that Scott saved those two kids because I hate it whenever children die.
  • I was pretty freaked out when Lydia discovered that guys dead body with how she didn't even know where she was until she got out of the car.
  • I enjoyed the conflict that Scott, Derek and Isaac had when they were trying to catch Boyd and Cora since they weren't really able to catch them because they were a lot stronger then them since they gave in completely to their werewolf side but at the same time they couldn't let them go around killing people but killing Boyd and Cora is also not the solution.
  • I enjoyed the two girls in the woods they seemed really sweet together and it did look pretty romantic in the tent. I was pretty freaked out when the one girl Emily was taken away by bugs of some sort.
  • I'm confused why Stiles was upset that Lydia called the police before she called him because that's pretty much the normal thing to do after you find a dead body.
  • I liked that after Scott heard that Boyd or Cora might have killed someone he told Derek that they needed more help and that he was able to convince Mr. Argent to help him in the end because he knew that it goes against who Mr. Argent is to let innocent people die.
  • I also enjoyed the moment were Mr. Argent mentioned that he didn't want any part of the werewolf world anymore because it almost destroyed his world last year.
  • I liked that Stiles was concerned enough about Lydia that he followed her home but I also understood why this would brother Lydia.
  • I liked that Sheriff Stilinski believed that the one girl that was camping saw something because even though he doesn't know anything about werewolves he knows that there have been a lot of strange things happening in Beacon Hills lately.
  • I liked the whole idea of Scott, Derek, Isaac and Mr. Argent working together to get Boyd and Cora to go into the school because no one should be there at that time of night so they shouldn't be able to hurt anyone else.
  • I liked that Alison worked on her own in this episode to trap Boyd and Cora and that in the end she was the one that actually got Boyd and Cora to go into the school.
  • I found it interesting that Mrs. McCall was willing to show Stiles the dead body of the boy from the pool after she was pretty sure that, that guy was murder by a person and not a werewolf and she had already found a pattern with another girl also being killed the same way.
  • I was sad for Stiles when he discovered that Heather was the second victim that was murder the same way.
  • I liked that when after Boyd and Cora was trapped in the boiler room and after Scott discovered that someone else was in there that Derek was wiling to go in there by himself to keep them from killing anyone else.
  • I'm glad that Boyd, Cora and Derek were all able to make it through the night alive.
  • I enjoyed the moment that Derek and the new teacher shared at the end of the episode.
  • I'm curious about why someone is using virgins as human sacrifices and exactly how many virgins does the person need to kill.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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