Monday, July 22, 2013

Manga Review: Gate-7 Vol. 1

                                                          Gate-7 Vol. 1Review
Gate-7 is a new manga by Clamp and it's about a high school boy named Chikahito Takamoto who is fascinated by old things such as history, arts, temples and shrines so he was very happy when he was finally able to visit Kyoto a city filled with history. While visiting Kyoto he accidently stumbles into a supernatural realm that no normal human should be able to enter and he meets three beings Hana, Tachibana and Sakura who fight against supernatural enemies. After the group is unable to erase Chikahito's memories and after Chikahito is mysteriously transferred to a school in Kyoto Chikahito moves in with the group and learns more about them.

In the first volume there's quite a bit of talk about mythology and it's a lot of information to take in all at once and in all honesty while I know that I really enjoyed this volume, I think until I read a few more and actually get the hang of all the history the series is based off it will be a bit hard for me to fully understand. But I do know that Chikahito knows quite a bit about history which makes me like him quite a bit and I know that there's a connection between him and Hana because while there abilities are different they are also the same because they are both not which means they're neither favored or unfortunate which is a rare thing, also Hana kissed Chikahito in the first chapter to bond them, I was very surprised by the kiss since Clamp doesn't have many kisses but it was a really beautiful image. I also know that the one who owns the building is named Hidetsugu and he has a blood contract with a demon named Mikoto because of some family history but they both seem to be very happy with the arrangement which is nice.

Overall I really did enjoy the first volume even if there was a lot of information to take in and I'm really enjoying the characters so far. I think that the art is gorgeous in this series and I just love the way that just about everything looks. Please tell me what your thoughts about this series are.

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