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TV Review: Vampire Diaries: Graduation(4.23)

                                              Vampire Diaries: Graduation(4.23)Review
  • I really loved Kol's speech at the beginning of the episode about how all of the ghosts were killed in a sacrifice to get the so called heroes of Mystic Falls something selfish because what he said was true and in all honesty it's just nice to see someone willing to criticize the main characters of this show.
  • I liked how Stefan was enjoying his time with Lexie being around again by partying with her the morning before graduation and I loved that he was all kinds of sassy to Damon at that point as well.
  • I also liked how Lexie strangled Damon and pretty much told him that she isn't going to waste her limited time on earth on him.
  • I was sad when Bonnie was talking to Caroline on the phone and Caroline's going on about how graduation is the most important event of their lives when she has just died. I like that Bonnie does have the opportunity to say her goodbyes to her loved ones.
  • I liked how Rebekah wouldn't leave Matt when he was trapped by one of Connor's vampire bombs and I liked that Matt wanted Rebekah to leave him so that she would be save.
  • I liked how Rebekah made plans to show Matt the world and I loved the moment she kissed him and took his place on the bomb, these two were really very sweet in this episode.
  • I liked the scene with Elena bounding with Jeremy and Alaric it was actually very sweet and I enjoyed seeing those three together.
  • I didn't like that Damon got infected with werewolf venom again because this is the second season finale in which that had happened so it seemed kind of lazy to me.
  • I liked how Stefan told Lexie that if Elena wanted to be back with him he would do that in a heart beat because she's the love of his life, I just thought this was really sweet of him.
  • I liked that even though for the most part Stefan and Damon weren't on good terms this season that Stefan would still beg Klaus to cure Damon.
  • I liked how Jeremy convinced Elena to go to her graduation because it's what their parents would have wanted.
  • I liked how during graduation Kol told Bonnie that he wanted her to fully put down the veil and I liked that in the next scene Bonnie shows him her body and that Kol looks sad to hear that Bonnie is dead. I also liked that Bonnie told Kol that she wanted to be able to keep the veil down to so she could go off to live her life and I loved that Kol wanted to help her fulfill her dreams. In all honesty I think that Bonnie and Kol could develop into a fantastic relationship and I hope that since there both on the other side next season that the two of them interact more.
  • I like that even though Bonnie has a reason to want the veil down that she doesn't keep it down because she wants to protect all of the living.
  • I liked how Klaus entered this episode by killing a witch that tried to kill Caroline that was good of him.
  • I liked that at one point in this episode that Elena slapped Damon.
  • I liked how Lexie told Alaric that she believes that someday they'll all move on and find some sort of peace.
  • I disliked how Elena gave Stefan the cure and expected that to be seen as a nice thing to him because being human probably wouldn't mean much to Stefan if he was going to all alone.
  • I liked how Stefan gave Elena back the cure because he wanted her to know that she'd always have the choice to become human again, it was just an extremely sweet speech by him and I have no clue how Elena didn't choose him.
  • I liked that Damon told Elena that he's selfish, all wrong for her and isn't going to change.
  • I hated that Elena choose Damon because it didn't make any sense what so ever with how he treated her this season and Elena herself said he'd be the worst choice she'll ever make, also this was the worst love confession that I have ever heard.
  • I felt so bad for Stefan having to hear Elena confess her love for Damon my heart broke for him but I'm glad that Lexie was there for him.
  • I think that Stefan is far too kind to Damon for being happy for him even though Damon had just successfully stolen Stefan's girlfriend.
  • I liked how even though Lexie said that Elena was the one for Stefan that there were multiple ones in life and if Stefan is able to let go he'll be able to move on and be truly happy.
  • I was sad for Stefan when Lexie disappeared and he said goodbye because at this point Stefan really needed his best friend but she had to go and now he has no one.
  • I liked that Jeremy wanted to be with Bonnie at the end to say goodbye and I loved that Jeremy and Bonnie kissed and I loved that it's clear that they still love each other.
  • I liked how Jeremy went from so happy about being alive again for real to so sad about Bonnie being dead in such a short span of time.
  • I'm glad that Tyler is finally letting Tyler come back to Mystic Falls.
  • I like that Rebekah and Matt are going on a road trip over the summer.
  • I didn't think the whole Katherine and Elena fight really fit with the rest of the episode and I don't really understand Katherine sudden jealous of Elena.
  • I don't really like the idea of a human Katherine and I'm sure that Katherine will be able to trick someone into giving her vampire blood sometime next season and the cure would have been a waste.
  • I think it's weird that Silas is Stefan's shadow self what ever that means.
  • I feel bad for Stefan being trapped and drowning in some sort of safe when he really doesn't deserve it.
  • I was overall disappointed in season 4 and I'm not sure that I'll be watching season 5.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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