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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Unleashed(3.04)

                                                     Teen Wolf: Unleashed(3.04)Review
  • I liked how the episode started with Scott at work since we haven't seen him actually doing his job for awhile now.
  • I enjoyed the moment between Derek and the new teacher Jenifer they seem to kind of cute together and I would like it if a relationship developed between those two.
  • I liked how when Stiles was asking about whether the guy that went missing was a virgin or not that Scott joked about it by telling him that Deaton has a new policy in which he has to sleep with all the clients now, it just really made me laugh.
  • I also found the moment were Danny jokingly said that he would sleep with Stiles to be pretty funny.
  • I find it interesting that Isaac just recognizing the twins was enough to make him anger enough to want to kill them because he knows that they had something to do that girl that saved him death and he suspects that they are behind all of the other killings as well.
  • I liked how even though Stiles was sure that the recent killings had something to do with human sacrifice and he's sure that the alpha pack isn't the ones committing the murders he doesn't rule out that the two things are connected.
  • I liked how when Scott didn't find the whole human sacrifice thing believable that Stiles pointed out all of Scott's werewolf traits which are way more unbelievable than human sacrifice which sadly does happen in real life, I also liked that Scott admitted that Stiles had a point.
  • I liked that Alison questioned why Ms. Morrell would be at the bank that night after Ms. Morrell questioned her because Alison has good reason to question her motives because Ms. Morrell has been mysterious thus far.
  • I liked that Isaac had a really confused expression on his face when one of the alpha twins started beating up the other because that was just a really strange scene until you realized that they were trying to get Isaac in trouble.
  • I kind of liked that the dead guys girlfriend slapped Stiles for asking if her boyfriend was a virgin because it was really insensitive but I understood why Stiles had to ask. I also liked that Stiles dad was confused by what Stiles was trying to do which was to find a pattern.
  • I felt bad for Boyd when he said that he only has one friend and that she's dead.
  • I liked that we learned that Cora came back because she heard a Hale was an alpha of a pack and that she also didn't know that Derek was still alive, overall I'm liking what we've seen of Cora so far.
  • I found the head alpha Deucalion to be pretty creepy with how calmly he spoke as he had Derek torture by another member of his pack and told Derek he wanted him to kill a member of his pack because he was interested in new talent. I also found it interesting that Deucalion explains that an alpha gains the power of the betas they kill.
  • I liked how Isaac mentioned that he wasn't a fan of small places when he first came into the supply closet. I also like that Isaac mentioned that he doesn't particularly like Alison because she stabbed like twenty times although I'm unsure if an apology is really what he's looking for because considering his past he probably knows that they don't mean much but Alison being her normal self will probably be enough for him to forgive her.
  • I felt really bad for Isaac when he got locked in the supply closet and couldn't get out so he started freaking out and having flashbacks from when his dad use to lock him in the freezer. I also liked how he apologized to Scott and Alison once he got out for freaking out and accidently hurting Alison and I liked that they were both really understanding with knowing that he really didn't mean to. I also thought that Daniel Sharman had really good acting in this scene.
  • I liked that once Scott could tell that the alpha twins weren't just trying to get them anger but instead trying to get hurt that he was willing to mess with the twins as well.
  • I liked that when Stiles was theorizing to Lydia about the human sacrifices that he brought out would probably be done in groups of threes Lydia pointed out that since the murders were obviously committed by humans that he should probably let his dad do his job and solve the case.
  • I liked that Stiles informed even if unintentionally that the Ethan an Aiden the alpha twins were well part of the alpha pack since this is information that she clearly needed to know.
  • I liked that Scott, Isaac and Alison worked together to piss off the alpha twins by messing with Aiden's bike and getting him suspended.
  • I liked that when Stiles felt that he needed more information to figure out the human sacrifices that he goes to Deaton because he knows that Deaton seems to always know about everything that is going on. I find it interesting that the human sacrifices are based off of a druid tradition and that each sacrifice is in a group of three such as virgins in the last episode and warriors or soldiers in this episode.
  • I liked that when Lydia found evidence that someone else was killed she called Stiles and I liked the way Lydia, Stiles and Deaton worked together to figure out the connection in the deaths and who is next.
  • I'm curious about why the science teacher wrote out Drach the word for a dark druid and I'm curious about who he really was since he mentioned that he did all that the human sacrifice people asked of him with him dead I don't know if we'll ever get any answers about him.
  • I felt bad for Isaac when Derek kicked him out without any real explanation and threw things at him but I liked that he went to Scott and I'm sure that Scott will let him stay.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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