Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru: Now Bloom Inside the Ninefold Palace(1.06)

                       Chihayafuru: Now Bloom Inside the Ninefold Palace(1.06)Review
In this episode Chihaya and Taichi start up the karuta club at first it's just the two of them playing because not that many people are interested in karuta. A girl named Kana who loves the time period in which the karuta poems were written and loves traditional clothing ends up wanting to join the karuta club but after seeing how intensely Chihaya and Taichi are playing she changes her mind.

Chihaya tries to do everything she can to get Kana to join the club because she saw how much Kana loves karuta and even though it's different then the way she loves karuta she still feels a connection to her because of their shared love of karuta. After Kana explains to Chihaya the meaning of her favorite karuta poem this gets Chihaya another way in which to love karuta that she never thought of before so she asks Kana to tell her the meaning behind all one hundred poems and Kana is happy to share her love of history with someone so she does.

In the end Kana's love for the history of the poems helped Chihaya improve hoe well she plays karuata and she's able to convince Kana to join the club if Chihaya agrees to be the model for her family's traditional Japanese clothing shop and that they agree to wear hakamas when they compete.

I overall really enjoyed this episode and I liked how it showed that there are many to different ways in which one can love karuta. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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