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TV Review: Revenge: Engagement(2.20)

                                                  Revenge: Engagement(2.20)Review
  • I liked how Daniel liked that Conrad was happy about his marriage to Emily because it could help bump him up in the polls and at this point Daniel doesn't even care anymore that his parents are using him. I also like that Daniel is so beyond being shocked or outraged by his parents that he doesn't even really care that Victoria has another child.
  • I liked how Victoria was suspicious of Conrad giving Nolcorp back to Nolan because she knows it's not because he actually cares about her reconnecting with her first born.
  • I'm curious about why Emily is willing to go to Paris with Daniel now but in all honesty I think that it would be a good revenge plan at this point because she's literally taking Daniel away from Victoria and lately she hasn't been working on revenge towards anyone else.
  • I liked that Daniel fired Aiden because it makes Aiden have less of a place in the show therefore it looks like he will be leaving the show soon although I was surprised that Takeda was willing to expose Aiden like that.
  • I liked the scene were Emily asked Charlotte to be her maid of honor, I also liked how Emily said that one day they'll be sisters and that Charlotte mentions missing Amanda and you can tell that Emily does too.
  • I liked how Ashley had Jack go to Victoria in order to get Victoria to sabotage Conrad for him, I just kind of love how everyone seems to know that Victoria wants to destroy Conrad most of the time.
  • I liked how Daniel tried to talk to Charlotte about what she was going through and just generally be a good brother and I'm sad that Charlotte cut their moment short.
  • I found it interesting that the governs wife was feeding Conrad information in order to sabotage her husband's campaign because she feared that he'd worked himself to death. I liked that when Victoria heard that the job was a death sentence I assumed that she was the one who exposed the governs health conditions so that Conrad could win and work himself into an early grave.
  • I liked how when Aiden told Nolan that revenge will not give Emily what she's looking for that Nolan brought up that Aiden was the one that was saying a couple months ago that she needed revenge.
  • I enjoyed the meeting between Nolan and the Falcon but I'm pretty sure that the Falcon tricked Nolan into setting off carrion at the end of the episode. I really did love the interaction between those two.
  • I enjoyed the speech that Victoria gave at Emily's and Daniel's engagement party it reminded me of some of her speeches from season 1 that I loved a lot.
  • I do like that Victoria can pick up on that Emily isn't in love with Daniel but she isn't able to figure out what she's up to at all.
  • I liked that when Emily found out that Takeda exposed Aiden's true past that she was mad at Takeda for putting her mission at risk because people knowing about Aiden's past may bring people to find her suspicious for having a relationship with him earlier in the year and I liked that Emily brought up that it's kind of Takeda's fault for letting him come in the first place which he obviously shouldn't have.
  • I liked that when Emily found out that Takeda was going to try to stop the initiative that she wanted to help him to let her and Aiden help him in this mission, I just feel like this is a bit of character development for her because back in the pilot the idea of letting anyone help in a mission was such a foreign thing to her but now she's actually offering to help someone else in their's.
  • I liked how Daniel left his engagement party in order to bail Charlotte out of jail and how he didn't want Charlotte to have to deal with their parents, I just think that Daniel is a pretty good big brother over all.
  • I'm curious about what Aiden meant by Emily learning about Takeda's true intentions because it makes it sound like Takeda may be a part of the initiative or something like that.
  • I was shocked by the whole Aiden killing Takeda thing I didn't see that coming at all.
  • I like how Declan doesn't seem to like Regina at all because he sees her as a bad influence for Charlotte.
  • I kind of dislike the idea of Charlotte being pregnant because they already had someone by pregnant on this show so I don't think they should have another storyline like that so soon.
  • I liked that when Aiden showed up in Nolan's office Nolan said that they should tell Emily about their plans to bankrupt the Graysons that night, I also liked that Emily walks in a couple seconds after that.
  • I think that Aiden should have listened to Emily and not drain the Graysons funds because that seemed to trigger carrion which will lead to nothing good.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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