Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Review: Lunar Chronicles: Cinder

                                                                  Cinder Review
Cinder is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles and it's about a young mechanic named Cinder who is also a cyborg and it's set in the futuristic world of New Beijing were cyborgs are treated more like property than actual people so even though Cinder is the only one in her family that has a job  her stepmother accuses her of stealing if she spends anything. Cinder actually has a good relationship with her stepsister Peony who sadly comes down with letumosis an incurable plague that had already killed a large percentage of the population. After being forcibly volunteered for letumosis Cinder discovers that she's immune to the illness as well as a few more things that are even more unbelievable things about herself from Dr. Erland. Cinder through out the book has two main goals to try to get her sister Peony a cure and to escape from her stepmother.

Throughout the book Cinder has quite a few encounters with Prince Kai who she first met when he gave her an android to fix and they just kept running into each other through out the book. The two develop an obvious attraction to each other and while Cinder doesn't want to admit and Kai knows more or less that nothing can come from their relationship they share quite a few intimate moments with each other through out the book.

Prince Kai looses his father fairly early in the book due to letumosis and soon after his death the lunar Queen Levana does her best to try force Kai into marriage with her. The Lunars are a race of people from the moon who are known to be very violent and have the ability to manipulate how people see and think about basically everything. Kai is stuck in a very tough position because he knows that earth can't possibly win a war against the Lunars but he also can't let Levana be the ruler of his people either plus he obviously doesn't want to marry Levana. Kai for some time as been looking for the lost lunar Princess Selene in hopes that she would be different than Levana and that would mean that his people could be safe and it turns out that he was a lot closer to finding her than he could ever guess.

I overall loved Cinder it was a great book with an intriguing plot, great characters and relationships, good world building and mythology. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series so that I could see what happens next and be introduced to new characters as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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