Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TV Review: The Bates Motel: A Boy and His Dog(1.08)

                                 The Bates Motel: A Boy and His Dog(1.08)Review
  • I enjoyed the relationship that Norman and Emma's dad developed in this episode with Emma's dad teaching him taxidermy.
  • I liked how Emma defend Norman when she heard Bradley's friends talking bad about him especially since the thing that Emma told them is something that she doesn't really like talking about.
  • I understood why Bradley didn't want anyone to know about her and Norman but at the same time I understood why this upset Norman when she said she just wanted to forget that anything ever happened between.
  • the man from room number 9 creeped me out through out the entire episode and I'm glad that Norma caught onto how creepy he was and found out that he was involved with the same kind of stuff that Keith Summers and Deputy Shelby were involved with.
  • I liked that the people at Norman's school had noticed his strange behavior and suggested that he should be in therapy. I disliked that Norma once again tried to ignored Norman's obvious mental health problems and tried to get out of sending him to therapy.
  • I liked how in this episode Dylan found out why his new partner has a problem with him is because he feels like no one really respects him. It's also mentioned that they can't actually quit their jobs.
  • I understood why Norma would be against Norman doing taxidermy but I also really liked the way that Emma's dad defended having taxidermy as a hobby.
  • I disliked how Norma seemed to get in the way of Norman really saying anything in therapy but I was glad that the therapist suggested that Norman should have therapy sessions without her there and that maybe the two of them should have private sessions.
  • I liked that once Norma figured out what the man from room 9 was up to she made him leave.
  • I was kind of freaked out by Dylan threatening one of the trimmers with a gun to get out of the car because he's the most normal person in his family so any time he does something like this it surprises me.
  • I really loved the speech Emma gave Norman about why she told the girls about him and Bradley and how she likes him but she doesn't really expect that things will work out the way she wants them to and how she happy to just be friends with him, I just found that whole scene very sweet and I especially loved that it ended with hug between the of them.
  • I liked that at the end of the episode Norma invited Dylan to have dinner with it being just the two of them, I just liked that their relationship seems to be getting better.
  • I was really freaked out by the dead body that the man from room 9 put in Norma's bed because that was really creepy.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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