Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TV Review: Grimm: Goodnight, Sweet Grimm(2.22)

                                    Grimm: Goodnight, Sweet Grimm(2.22)Review
  • I really enjoyed that how sweet Nick and Juliette were in this episode with each other and liked seeing them adjust to both being back together and Juliette now knowing about Wesson things.
  • I found the scene at the beginning of the episode with Monroe and Rosalee to be very sweet.
  • I found the people in the zombielike state being released to be very frightening do to how violent they were and because there were so many of them.
  • I was really happy that there is a cure for the whole zombielike state think even though it's a bit unfortunate that it can only be given to a person when they are in the fourth stage.
  • I find it interesting that Renard's brother told him that the family wants him to return for some mysterious reason.
  • I was quite worried about Adalind for most of the episode when Frau Pech used a potion to switch their looks but I was surprised to learn that Adalind and Stefania had predicted this course of action and actually used that to kill Frau Pech and get her heart which is needed for Adalind to get her powers back.
  • I liked that Juliette wanted to go along with Nick when it comes to the Wesson stuff because she feels like she needs to learn more about that world.
  • I liked that Nick gave the key to Rosalee to hide so that Renard's brother won't be able to find it.
  • I was really worried about everyone when they went to the ship yard which was filled with the zombielike people and an obvious trap.
  • I'm really worried about Nick because he's both in the death like state and is captured by Renard's brother so nothing good can come from that.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode or the season as a whole.

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