Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anime Review: Another: Glass Eye(1.10)

                                               Another: Glass Eye(1.10)Review
In this episode class three decides to go on  a trip to the mountains in hopes that praying to the gods at the shrine will end the calamity. Koichi, Mei, Yuya and Naoya finish listening to the tap that explains how to stop the calamity once it has started and learn that the way to do it is to kill the student that is already dead. That night during dinner Akazawa blames Mei for the calamity happening and forces her to say she's sorry and Koichi tries to defend her and tells her she has nothing to apologize for.

That night Mei tells Koichi about how her cousin Misaki is actually her twin sister that she was separated from when she was a year old so that her mother could have a child after hers was a stillborn. Mei tells Koichi that she believes that her sister Misaki was the first death of the calamity meaning that the calamity started in April before Koichi transferred to the school. Mei also tells Koichi that her doll eye can see a color that tells her that some is dead or close to death and it's implied that she knows who the extra student is. She doesn't tell Koichi who it is because Naoya bursts into the room and says he's done something bad which probably means he killed someone because the image of a dead body is shown.

This episode was really good and came closer than ever to telling us who is the dead student and introduced new conflict as well with the whole kill the dead person is the solution to ending the calamity but no one knows whose dead. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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