Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafurru: The Sight of a Midnight Moon(1.05)

                          Chihayafurru: The Sight of a Midnight Moon(1.05)Review
This episode starts off with Chihaya and Taichi getting on a train so that they can go see Arata, Chihaya wants to make sure that Arata is okay because after hearing that he quit karuta she figures something bad must have happened to him for him to do that and Taichi is pretending that he's just there because Chihaya dragged him there but I think it's pretty clear that he still cares.

Once they get to Arata's house they're both to nervous to even go to the door and then they start arguing and Arata's neighbor notices them and tells them that Arata is at work at a bookstore down by the station so they rush off to find him because Chihaya decided that it was necessary that they run there but she slows down once she realizes she might not really want to see Arata and she just generally starts to have second thoughts. At this time Chihaya and Taichi are walking really close together and Taichi almost reaches out to hold her hand but then Arata rides his bike between and once Chihaya notices him she runs after yanks him off his bike and she ends falling down the hill and getting herself dirty.

Arata tells Chihaya and Taichi to leave as soon as she's finished getting cleaned up but Arata wants to get the letter she wrote Arata but then sees her karuta deck so she suggest that the three of them play karuta together but Arata ends up kicking her cards which saddens Chihaya and angers Taichi who insists that they leave and Arata isn't the Arata that they knew and then Taichi drags Chihaya out of the house.

Chihiya learns from Arata's neighbor that Arata quit karuta because his grandfather who was a karuta master and taught him the game died while he was at a karuta tournament for advancing to Class A and since then he hasn't played. Arata reads Chihaya's letter after she left and remembers how it was when they were friends and realizes how much he misses them so he chases after their train on his bike and they see him which cheers up Chihaya a lot and the episode ends with Taichi saying that he'll help Chihaya start a karuta club at their school.

I really enjoyed this episode it was good to see what happen with Arata and to just generally see all the characters interact again. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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