Thursday, July 11, 2013

TV Review: Grimm: The Waking Dead(2.21)

                                        Grimm: The Waking Dead(2.21)Review
  • I really enjoyed that Nick and Juliette seem to be getting back together, I also liked how Juliette apologized for how she treated Nick when she couldn't remember anything about him but at the same time Nick didn't think she needed to.
  • I liked how Adelind wanted to read the contract before she signed it because she's a lawyer and she wants to know what she's getting herself into sadly for her she really had no choice.
  • I found the top hat guy Barron a wesson who could put people in a zombielike state with a type of venom to be really creepy.
  • The whole people waking up from the read thing really creeped me out even when I knew that it was going to happen.
  • I liked how Juliette wanted to know what Monroe was suppose to show her the night that she went into the coma and I'm glad that she did eventually get to see Rosalee, Monroe and Bud Volga and that she handled it pretty well because she was pretty much as prepared for it as a person could be.
  • I liked how nervous Bud was about having Juliette see a Volga and how his nervousness mostly came from a place of worrying about Juliette's health, also I just generally find Bud to be pretty funny.
  • I liked how the show is bringing up that Adelind could be worth more dead than alive because she is carrying royal blood and I'm curious about what would happen to her if the royal family found out about the child.
  • I really liked how both Juliette and Nick were nervous about their date at the end of the episode and I liked that Nick brought Juliette flowers, I just find those two to be really cute.
  • I'm really worried about what Renard's brother is planning since he's in Portland and he hurried Barron to make a zombie arm of sorts which can lead to nothing good.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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