Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafurru: A Whirlwind of Flower Petals Descends(1.04)

                  Chihayafurru: A Whirlwind of Flower Petals Descends(1.04)Review
This episode goes back to the time period the show started out in when Chihaya is a teenager in fact this episode begins during that same day when she and Taichi were on the train together. Chihaya after seeing that Taichi got himself a girlfriend gets pretty mad about that and then tells him that if she advances to Class A in this weekends karuta tournament he has to promise her that he'll help her start a karuta club at their school.

Taichi ends up going to Chihaya's karuta tournament although it looks like he was hoping that no one would recognize him there but Dr. Harada recognizes him right away and is very happy to see him again and assume mostly correctly that Taichi came to cheer Chihaya on. Dr. Harada is disappointed to find out that Taichi stopped playing karuta especially since the reason used was that he didn't think he could ever get as good as Arata. Through out the episode Taichi and Dr. Harada watch Chihaya compete and Dr. Harada tells Taichi of Chihaya's dedication for the game of karuta and Taichi ends up admiring Chihaya's improved abilities and seeing her having fun playing karuta remains him of how he use to have fun playing karuta with her and Arata.

Chihaya's final match is against a player who had been stuck in Class B for three now and is known for being a very passionate player so when Chihaya starts the match slow it looks like she starts to briefly doubt herself especially when he almost steals the chihaya card from her this leads her to give him that card after she steals a card from him and through out the match they ended up passing the card between each other. Chihaya starts to have fun with the match once she sees that her opponent is someone who genuinely loves to play karuta.

In end Chihaya wins the match and advances to Class A then she runs up to Taichi and hugs him and then calls Arata for the first time in what it seems to be years and she excitedly tells him the news but to her shock and disappointment he tells her not call him and that he has stopped playing karuta.

I really loved this episode it was the first episode that took place almost entirely in modern time and it gave a really good feel for who Chihaya and Taichi are now, I also liked seeing the way that Chihaya and Taichi interacted in the episode and I liked how Taichi through watching Chihaya play remembers how fun it could be. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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