Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top 10 Under rated books

1. Reading In the Dark by Seamus Deane: Is a book I love and I’ve read it about three or four times but I’ve never read or heard anything about this book. I like the story because it starts when the main character is like three or something and goes into his adulthood and he ends up learning all of his family’s secrets over the years.

2. White Oleander by Janet Fitch: The book isn’t so much under rated as a whole but not really talked about much anymore and it’s so much better then the movie that was made simply because it’s longer.

3.The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams: While it’s technically a play but I’ve never seen it performed so I’m counting it as book and it’s not exactly under rated but I don’t hear about it much and Laura is on of my all time favorite characters.

4.The Looking Glass Wars series by Frank Beddor: I rarely hear or read about this series despite it being a twist on Alice In Wonderland and a good when at that but it’s not popular as other takes on the story although it’s better then quite a few and it’s YA fantasy but it’s not really all that popular which also surprises me since it seems like a series that would be popular but isn’t.

5.Extras by Scott Westerfeld: This book is the last book in the Uglies series and is by far the least popular and I can’t understand why since it’s my favorite but that may be because I like Aya a lot more then I liked Tally.

6. Impulse by Ellen Hopkins: Is one of my favorite books but I don’t see it talk about very often but it’s still pretty popular.

7. Identical by Ellen Hopkins: Is another book I like a lot but not as much as Impulse and it’s also not as popular but neither really seem top be all that popular but the people who’ve read them seem to enjoy them.

8.The Darkest Powers series by Kelly Armstrong: Is sort of popular but not enough that anyone wants it be made into a movie or anything although with main character Chloe describing scenes like she was directing a movie makes me wonder why there aren’t any rumors about movie being made.

9.Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter: Is a book series I really enjoy but I don’t see it talked about a lot and since I really enjoy the series I’m putting it on the list.

10. Secret Circle series by L.J. Smith: This series is fairly popular since it’s being made into a TV series but it’s not as popular as I expected it to be since it’s pretty rare that I see anything about the book series being written it’s not as popular as I think it should be.


  1. Completely agree with you on Gallagher Girls. I think they're some of the best books for girls out there. I like that there's romance but it's more than that.

  2. I must read The Looking Glass Wars. Thanks for the reminder.

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