Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 10 books I loved but never wrote a review for

I'm relatively new to blogging so the reason I haven't reviewed these books is because I only started blogging recently.
1. Perks of Being a Wallflower: This is my favorite book and I think it’s my favorite because of how sweet the main character Charlie is and I love the way he thinks and sees the world. There’s not a whole lot that happens plot wise in this book but it does a really good job making you care about the characters.

2. The Book Thief: This is another book I love the story is good and enjoy almost all the characters. The last few chapters I cried so hard and I was on the bus, also I love Death as a narrator.

3. Impulse: I love this book and all three of the main characters and I love that we get to here the story from all three of their’s point of view and I end up I understanding why each of the characters tried to kill themselves.

4. The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: I love this series and I love all the characters and I love all the quests they go on and I love that series was clearly heading to a big climax but the series didn’t end they way I expected it to. I also love Percy as a narrator in he may be my favorite narrator him or Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower.

5. Uglies series: I really like this series it was my first dystopia book and I found the society that they live in to be really interesting

6.Alice in Wonderland: I really love this book for being kind of crazy and not really making a whole lot of sense and I really like the character of Alice.

7. The Looking Glass Wars: I love this take on Alice in Wonderland because it’s so different then any other take I’ve seen and I love the relationship between Alyss and Dodge.

8. Glass Menagerie: I love this play because of the character of Laura because I can relate to the way she feels and I like stories about screwed up families.

9. Catch 22: I like this book because I like the sense of humor that it has and for some reason I love the character Major Major Major.

10. Reading in the Dark: I love this book so much and I read almost every time I go to my grandparents house(she’s the one that owns the book) and I love the story and it’s really hard for me to put down once I start reading it.


  1. Welcome to blogging! I started writing reviews of everything I read in 2003 and I'm glad I did. It's nice to look back at the books I've read and see what I thought about them at the time. Wish I'd reviewed everything I read as a younger person....

    Hope you will stop by and take a look at my post for this week: Top Ten Books You Never Wrote a Review For. And don't forget to sign up for the Readerbuzz August Giveaway!

  2. Is it horrible that I've never read Alice in Wonderland?

    Great list!

    Rie @ Mission to Read

  3. the last top ten i visited also mentioned perks of being a wallflower. i really want to read that book, especially since the movie version is coming out. fantastic list!

    check out my top ten list this week.


  4. I need to read the Uglies series! Those books look pretty interesting! : )

  5. Heard good things about the Uglies Series! Maybe I can find time to read them one day!

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