Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday: Trends I'd like to see more/Less of in Books

Trends I’d like to see more of:

1. Con artists: I know this trend is really small right know but every time I see or read something that has a con in it I absolutely love it and I just want see more of it. I love the plans that the characters pull off and I also wonder whether or not they’ll be able to pull it off and I love the characters even more when their able to pull off their brilliant but slightly crazy schemes.

2. Witches: I know there’s a fair amount of books about witches but I haven’t read a lot of it and the stuff I have read I really like. My favorite parts about books about witches are learning the rules of magic which seems to be different in each series and that main characters are girls who are magical badasses, those are things I almost always love.

3.Female Villains: The villains are a lot of times the most entertaining characters and I must say that I find that if the villains are female they are usually more interesting with theme having more of a back story(most of the time),and a lot of the time female villains are smarter because they don’t use brute force to get things done and the reason I like them the most is because most the time their everything a good girl wants to be but can’t be because it would be wrong to behave that way.

4.Shy Characters: I would really like to see characters who truly very shy and not just someone who doesn’t have many friends or someone who prefers to keep to themselves but someone who is truly shy. I want a character who always talks quietly but doesn’t talk a whole a lot especially to someone they don’t know and I want to at least once have a scene in a book when a shy character has to give a speech in front of class and inside said character is completely freaking out because public speaking is like a form of torture for them. I think it’s because I’m shy and I realize that I barely ever relate to characters in books because they’re always so outgoing.

5.Crazy Characters: I just love it when a character rambles off something that no one else can understand but has some deep meaning or that character is completely unpredictable and you don’t know whether or not their a good person or a bad person or if that even matters any more. Crazy characters usually are the ones that are the most complicated there fore their the most interesting so that’s way I love them so much.

6.New Takes on Fairytales: I loved fairytales when I was little and now I’ve came to realize that I love it when someone writes about a fairytale but gives it a twist I usually like the ones with a dark twist.

7.Sword Fighting: I really don’t know why but I love to see a good sword fight and I really wouldn’t mind reading about some.

Trends I’d Like to See Less of:

1.Love Triangles: I absolutely hate love triangles because they almost always end up making all characters involved do something really out of character and I almost always end up hating who ever is in the middle of it. I know love triangles won’t go away since there in almost everything but I would be extremely happy if they did disappear.

2. Vampires: There’s just far too much of out right now and after awhile it all kind of seems like the same story.

3. Werewolves: Same thing as I said about vampires.


  1. So far, we've all asked that the vampires et al go away! Please someone out there take the cue! Book Bloggers know what is trendy.

  2. Let's have some interesting characters, I think. That's what we want.

    Here's my Top Ten list for this week:
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  3. I completely agree with con artists! I had that on my list and would love more books about them! :)