Friday, October 4, 2013

Fangirl Friday 40

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.
1. Revenge: Season 3 of Revenge premiered this week and the episode was really great. This episode took things back to when the show was at it's best with Emily succeeding in her takedowns and lots of Emily and Nolan scenes in which they scheme together and also just generally care about each other which were sadly lacking for a large part of season 2. I also really enjoyed seeing Charolette's new attitude the one in which she is being more proactive and seems to be willing to destroy people if her threat to Patrick was any indication. I just really loved the episode and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season unfolds.
2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: I watched the first two episodes of the show this week and so far I'm enjoying this show. I really loved the second episode because it focused on the characters coming together as a team for the first time. I'm really enjoying all the science speak on the show so far and I'm also enjoying the action parts of the show as well. So far I like all the characters and I'm interested in learning more about them which is always a good sign.
3. Elementary: This week's episode focused on a case that involved solving an extremely complicated math problem that could be worth millions and I really enjoyed this case because there were so many twist and turns to it. There was also a plot about how the son of the man that Joan accidently killed trying to hit her up for money and I really enjoyed this plot because it shows how much Joan continues to be affected by her mistake and I really loved all the friendship moments Joan and Sherlock shared with him not wanting her to pay the guy because he fears he's taking advantage of her but giving her the money because he doesn't want her to be overwhelmed by guilt. I overall loved this episode.

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