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TV Review: Revenge: Sin(3.02)

                                                         Revenge: Sin(3.02)Review
  • I kind of loved that Victoria wasn't believing Aiden because in my opinion Aiden has always seemed like the least trustworthy person on the show and that's saying a lot considering how untrustworthy everyone on this show is so I'm glad that she's demanding proof.
  • While I do hate Aiden for once again betraying Emily I'm not surprised by it because he has done it many times before and I'd rather he be her enemy so she can just destroy him. Although I kind of do like that Aiden mentioned that Emily is working together with Nolan because I have always thought that it was super weird that Victoria has never suspected that Nolan is helping Emily out considering she has always been super suspicious of Emily and she spends a lot of time with Nolan and those two are often seen whispering to each other in public.
  • I liked that at the beginning of the episode it was shown that Charlotte was genuinely concerned about Conrad's well being and that Conrad appreciated her looking out for him because I've always enjoyed that those two really loved each other despite how horrible Conrad could be.
  • I kind of liked the idea of Daniel helping out Margaux with her the launch of her magazine that has a lot to with more culture things which is closer to what Daniel actually wanted to do with his life(poetry) than working with his father ever was.
  • I loved that when Emily decided that it was too risky to keep the infinity box in her home that she gave it to Nolan for safe keeping because I always love it when she shows how much she trust him because trust isn't something Emily gives easily.
  • I like that Emily actually planned another takedown so quickly considering there were so few last season although this one played out a lot differently than the usual takedown.
  • I found it interesting that Paul Witley who was a sliver tongued lawyer who was able to convince the jury of David Clarke's guilt but after the trial Paul felt so much guilt about what he had done he decided to seek forgiveness and become a priest, I also really enjoyed that his remorse was genuine.
  • I like that Charlotte went over to visit Carl and I like that Jack despite his hatred of anything or anyone Grayson didn't try to make her leave because he knows that she really loves Carl and that she really did love Declan and Amanda.
  • I really think that Margaux should try to be more subtle about how much she wants Daniel considering with Emily actually had really feelings for Daniel after that dinner they had she would have made sure that they wouldn't work together it's really lucky for her that Emily is just using him.
  • I liked how Charlotte was able to figure out that Emily betrayed her trust because I like that Charlotte is much more capable of figuring things out this season.
  • I kind of loved that Nolan baked some muffins and I don't really have a good reason as to why I love it as much as I do.
  • I liked how when Nolan couldn't find anything that Paul has done wrong in the past that he told Emily that he doesn't think she should go through with her plans because he isn't one of the people who deserves it and I like that he wonder how Emily could expect to be forgive if she goes after those kind of people as well and I loved that Emily says that she doesn't expect to be forgiven.
  • I kind of loved how Victoria probably thought she being all smooth and welcoming by regifting him the muffins that Emily gave the Grayson's earlier but she's really not because he's the one that baked them which makes me find the whole thing hilarious.
  • I don't really get why Victoria decided that Nolan is up to something based off the conversation they had considering he didn't say or do anything even remotely incriminating.
  • I think it's a bit odd that Victoria seemed to expect Patrick's meeting with the rest of the Grayson family would go smoothly although I kind of loved Conrad telling Patrick that it was Victoria that sent Frank to make sure that he stayed away not Conrad. Although that didn't seem to damage the relationship between Victoria and Patrick much.
  • I kind of love that Emily plans to just keep poisoning Conrad all season in order to make him think that he really has Huntington's disease.
  • I liked how Daniel was confused by why he still cares about his parents despite the fact that he knows their both terrible people and I  kind of liked how Emily told him it was because their family.
  • I really loved how Nolan tried to get through to Emily that in the case of some people who wronged her father she should forgive them rather than seek vengeance against them and I liked how he even read a passage from her father's journal. I also liked when Emily started question whether or not Nolan loved her father that he reply he does but he also loves her, which I really love because he says it so easily.
  • While I was sad that when Nolan tried to make her forgive Emily told him that she didn't want him involved in her plans any longer I wasn't exactly surprised because she has never reacted well when he tries to make her less her vengeance.
  • I felt sad for Charlotte that she felt responsible she was the one that was responsible for Declan's death and I'm glad that Jack told her about Conrad's role in it because that would at least relieve some of her guilt.
  • I liked that in the end that after talking to Paul and seeing that he is now a good person that Emily ended up regretting her decision to destroy him and that she actually tried to stop it.
  • I liked the conversation that Emily had with Conrad towards the end of the episode about Paul and I liked how what Emily got from that conversation was that Paul may be able to get Conrad to confess.
  • I'm confused about how Emily buying Nolan a house is proof that they were trying to destroy the Grayson's considering  that Emily has more then enough of her own money to buy her friend a house if she feels like it.
  • I like that by the end of the episode Emily and Nolan had made up and that Emily admitted to him that he was right about Paul.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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