Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 9 Worlds I Never Want to Live in

1. Sunnydale(Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Well it's implied that there is an extremely high death rate in this town and just about every monster that you can think makes it way to town since the town is on top of a Hellmouth which sounds just very unpleasant. There also seems to be an Apocalypse once a month to avert which is always a negative. There's also the whole thing where the people in the town seem to ignore the bizarre supernatural without trying to which always freaked me out a bit although not as much the murder and apocalypses.
2. Mystic Falls(Vampire Diaries): Mystic Falls appears to be a pretty small town that looks quite picturesque until you realize that there's about 50 on screen deaths per-season and each season only covers half a school year which means that in a town with an already small population there's about 100 murders a year and that just doesn't make me feel safe. Another thing that creeps me out about this town is that it seems that these mass murders that they have has been going on periodically for centuries but it's still something that the townsfolk choose to ignore even though it's clear that there aware of the problem. There's also the fact that this town is just plain weird with them having town wide celebrations at least once a week despite the fact that someone almost always ends up dead at one of these events and it seems like everyone in this town owns a ball gown or tuxedo so that they can all be dressed up for a last minute ball and I'm pretty sure the celebrated Christmas during the spring last season for no reason which freaks me out almost as much as the fact you kill people in the middle of the day in this town and no one would look twice.
3. Westeros(A Song of Ice and Fire): This kingdom is one that is in a huge war at the moment and it seems to be killing a ton of people whether their from noble families or common folks I think it's safe to say that no one is safe in Westeros and I rather not live somewhere in which I constantly fear for my life. I think Westeros is a great setting for this story but I see no reason to ever visit this land.
4. Panem(The Hunger Games): They force young children to fight each other to the death I want no part of a world that does this and it sounds like life in the districts are pretty awful to begin with so adding children getting murder annually just makes an already unappealing world look worse.
5. Acid Tokyo(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle): This world appears to be post-apocalyptic and it rains acid not to mention that everyone leaves this place much worse off than they were when they came there it seems like a miserable place that I never wish to go to.
6. The World of 1984: The government spies on it's people constantly and there world tries to control your thoughts which is the one thing that someone should always have control of. Any place that messes with your head is a pace that I never want to be.
7. Luna(Cinder): This is another world in which your thoughts are messed with and it's also said that Lunars are pretty cruel as well which while I'm intrigued by this world I know already that I don't want to live there.
8. Beacon Hills(Teen Wolf): This town isn't actually as bad as a lot of fans make it out to be there's multiple murders each season but unlike Mystic Falls the murders are actually solved which does make the town a bit safer and it also seems like Beacon Hills is a city not a small town which would make the murder rate a bit higher than a small town which most people seem to talk about it as if it is one despite the fact there's very little to back up this claim.. I still wouldn't want to live there since there's still quite a few murders and a whole bunch of supernatural creatures seem to be drawn there so I still wouldn't want to live there but I think it's much safer than Sunnydale or Mystic Falls but that's not saying much.
9. Wonderland(Alice in Wonderland): Everyone here appears to be crazy and most of them also seem to like bullying a little girl simply because she doesn't know everything about how their strange world works so I'd rather not live there or visit there.


  1. I'm not a big fan of vampires, so a world with them is definitely not the place for me :) Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

  2. I totally agree with Panem, Westeros and world in 1984! Luna would probably be really bad, with such evil queen. Wonderland seemed so funny to me, but it would probably be a really strange experience to visit it :) nice list!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)