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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Anchors(3.13)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Anchors(3.13)Review
  • I found Stiles's dream sequences rather frightening with how they didn't seem to end and how he was so scared that someone would get in although we have no idea who or what he was referring to.
  • I liked that in one part of Stiles dream Lydia was in bed with him and she was a source of comfort for him in it, I especially love that he held her hand briefly at one point.
  • I found that last part Stiles dream when he was at school talking to Scott about his nightmares and sleep paralysis to be the most frightening because it was so normal but he can't even be sure of if he's awake or not then.
  • I found the parts where Scott would start seeing himself transform in shadows to be pretty frightening considering how important control is to him.
  • I liked how Isaac came to Scott and was all awkward asking Scott if he was going to school and if Scott was mad at him or not and if he has a probably with Isaac and Alison thing which Scott is still pretty unsure how he feels about that other than he surely doesn't hate Isaac although he doesn't like the idea of Isaac and Alison so far. I like the scene it was rather humorous.
  • I liked when Scott hit Isaac the two times he did that Melissa told them to not damage her house.
  • I found the scene where Alison went in the elevator to go to school and ended up in the morgue of abandon hospital she found a zombie version of her aunt trying to come after her to be really frightening but I think the part that freaked me out the most is she was at school when the hallucination ended.
  • I liked how Scott hallucinating that his shadows her transformed became large and hard for him to ignore until he was full on freaking out and running away from it until he ran into Stiles who he tried to convince he was fine.
  • I kind of like that Lydia is enjoying that Scott, Stiles and Alison are the ones now loosing their minds a little too much because of what she went through in season two and I like that Stiles told her to stop enjoying it so much.
  • I like Mr.Yukmira introduced himself to the class while basically telling the class that his daughter Kira is new and has no friends, I just love the scene because he so clearly thought he was helping her but she was completely humiliated by him, I felt bad for her.
  • I found when Scott started to transform in the hallway and couldn't make himself stop to be pretty scary but I like that Stiles made sure that no one else could see what was going on and wouldn't leave him. Although I found it scary and a bit sad that Scott could only make himself not transform by causing himself pain.
  • I kind of like that Scott, Stiles and Alison are all having trouble doing the things that they usually their strength when dealing with the supernatural, Scott can't control himself so he can't use his werewolf abilities, Stiles a lot of the time can't read stuff so that would make researching stuff hard for him and Alison can't seem to shoot her arrow straight unless she's hallucinating.
  • I like that Lydia was there for Alison so much this episode and was doing what she could to help her.
  • I'm so glad that Isaac randomly showed up and stopped Alison from accidently killing Lydia.
  • I like that Scott, Stiles, Alison, Lydia and Isaac all met up and where discussing what could possibly be wrong with the first three and how to deal with it, I just love seeing them all have scene together and all interact.
  • I like that Kira approached the group awkwardly after overhearing their conversation and told them about the place in-between life and death, I overall like Kira so far though we didn't see a lot of her and I like that there seems to be just a little attraction between her and Scott.
  • I found the scene where Stiles hallucinated about the sign language in class be super creepy and the whole thing about him not actually being asleep and writing to himself to wake up was pretty scary as well.
  • I like that Stiles and Scott went to Deaton with this and he told them that he thinks Stiles's subconscious was trying to give him a message and with what Stiles remembered and Deaton's knowledge of sign language they were able to translate the message that a door is a jar which basically means there's a door in their minds that needs to shut as quickly as possible.
  • I like that the Sheriff now that he knows about the werewolf stuff is going back and looking at his old cases and trying to figure out if there's anything supernatural about them that he missed before.
  • I like that when Scott and Stiles where in that bedroom with the dog that wouldn't stop barking and Stiles told Scott to use his alphaness to get to stop that Scott just gently reached out and said "Nice dog." it just made me laugh.
  • I hated that Scott's dad is trying get Stiles's dad fired but I love that after Scott found this off he went and yelled at his dad and that Melissa pretty much agreed that his dad sucks as well.
  • I like that when Scott was loosing control Melissa told him to be his own anchor which I think is pretty good advice.
  • I like that Scott went to Stiles to help him look for a dead body because it reminded me of the first episode.
  • I found Alison's dream about her and Isaac almost getting it on and then her aunt Kate appears behind Isaac with a rope around his neck and asks Alison if she'd like to do him together to be really creepy but it totally fits Kate's character.
  • I'm curious about that full wolf with blue eyes that Scott ran into.
  • I feel bad that Derek is getting torture and I wonder how him and Peter getting torture is Peter's fault.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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