Thursday, January 16, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Endurance(3.12)

                                                Revenge: Endurance(3.12)Review
  • I liked that Nolan snuck into the hospital to see Emily and I loved the look of pure joy on his face when he realized Emily remembered him.
  • I liked that Emily told Nolan that the worst part of loosing her memories was having to relive all the pain in her life again and I liked how this led her to the conclusion that revenge wasn't worth having to endure anymore of it because that's something I think she should experience at least once during the series.
  • I actually really liked Niko so far and I really like she told Aiden that removing Emily from hospital care was a terrible idea and that while she's looking out for Emily in terms of her mission with the Graysons it's clear she has no intention of listening to Aiden's requests about the situation.
  • I'm glad that Sara didn't actually try to kill herself because of Daniel but instead just made a stupid mistake because she was drunk.
  • I like that Jack punched Daniel and kicked him out of the bar because he had reason to both because he knew Daniel shot Emily and because Sara clearly wanted Daniel to go away.
  • I kind of like that Victoria's solution to keep people with memory loss from remembering things is hold them captive in her home.
  • I like that Patrick seemed to realize for a second that Victoria is lying to him and will betray him in order to protect Daniel even though the tension between them didn't last long I'm glad that it existed briefly.
  • I like that Niko was revealed to be Takeda's daughter and that she knew of Emily because she was his only student that he spoke of with affection. I also like that Niko spent the episode convincing Emily not give up on her mission in a way that was somewhat similar to her father.
  • I like how Conrad more or less told Emily that once she remembers the truth about who shot her he would help her, I just love how the Graysons seem to always be willing to turn on one another.
  • I like that when Jack came to visit Emily he gave her a stuff dog that gave her a way to communicate with Nolan during her time recovering.
  • I liked how when Patrick asked to go over to Nolan's for the night that Nolan was suspicious of him and spent the night drinking water instead of alcohol in order to keep a clear head.
  • I felt horrible for Emily when she discovered that she can no longer have children and Victoria's delight in this fact was particularly cruel.
  • I like that Patrick told Victoria that the two of them have kind of gloss over the hard parts of their relationship and that he wants the truth about his mother.
  • I love that Nolan filled Emily's infinity box with evidence that Emily was obsessed with Daniel because of how wealthy his family his and that Victoria since she now believes she knows the truth about Emily she will stop trying to figure out who Emily really is.
  • I like that Jack told Margaux that Emily told him that Daniel shot her in order to save her from printing something dishonest in her magazine.
  • I liked how Emily called the press over to Grayson Manor to announce that Lydia shot her in a way that also told the Graysons that she knows the real truth about who shot her as well.
  • I liked how Emily told Nolan that she owed him one for what he did with the infinity box and that he said he was just glad that she was staying.
  • I love that Emily finally broke things off with Aiden by choosing revenge over him and I'm glad that there is actually whole bunch of other reasons for her to hate Aiden that she doesn't know about as well because that's likely to lead to him being off the show soon.
  • I like that Niko has now devoted herself to figuring out who killed her father and exacting vengeance on that person and I hope she figures out that it was Aiden and she ends up killing him.
  • I loved how Emily told Victoria and Daniel that she knows that Daniel is the one that shot her and she isn't going anywhere and I love that she just keeps on saying she loves him and I love how it looks like she's taking so much delight about keeping Daniel trapped.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

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